YG Invites Stormy Daniels On Stage to Perform ‘F**k Donald Trump’

YG Invites Stormy Daniels On Stage to Perform ‘F**k Donald Trump’

California rapper YG invited Stormy Daniels onstage to join him in bashing President Donald Trump by singing his song “Fuck Donald Trump” during an appearance at a Los Angeles music festival over the weekend.

The rap star, whose real name is Keenon Daequan Ray Jackson, invited Daniels on stage during his performance at the Camp Gnaw Flog Carnival at Dodger Stadium.

YG just brought out Stormy Daniels for “F*ck Donald Trump” 😂

[nsfw] pic.twitter.com/hmrG9bm3JT

— Complex Music (@ComplexMusic) November 11, 2019

“My name is Stormy fucking Daniels, and I am the reason Donald Trump is fucked,” she told the crowd.

YG asked the porn star if she really slept with Trump, to which she replied, “No, I just laid there.”

The pair continued, performing YG’s and Nipsey Hussle’s death threat-laced 2016 hit  “FDT,” which contains the lyrics:

I like white folks, but I don’t like you
All the niggas in the hood wanna fight you
Surprised the Nation of Islam ain’t tried to find you
Have a rally out in L.A., you know what’s up

The expletive packed song initially prompted a Secret Service investigation following its release.

“Secret Service hollering at the label,” YG told TMZ at the time. “They asked to see the lyrics on my album to see if I’m talking about Trump on my album, because if I’m talking about him on my album they’re going to try and take it off the shelves.”

“We’re trying to touch the people,” the rapper said of his song. “We’re trying to motivate the young people to vote.”

The rapper recently made waves after kicking a fan off stage after he refused to scream “fuck Donald Trump” into the microphone.

“Get him off stage. Fuck up outta here. He a Donald Trump supporter. Get his ass out of here,” YG said.

YG invites fan on stage to yell out “F**k Donald Trump,” kicks him off after he refuses pic.twitter.com/7z9r9gVXav

— XXL Magazine (@XXL) October 27, 2019

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