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Why Coronavirus Has Lost Donald Trump the 2020 Election

Why Coronavirus Has Lost Donald Trump the 2020 Election
  • Economic and political commentators are predicting that Trump will lose the November election because of the coronavirus.
  • Trump sells his presidency in terms of economic performance, but the coronavirus will wipe out his former successes by November.
  • The coronavirus will continue to infect voters, and so far Trump has done too little to stop its spread.

Coronavirus has lost Donald Trump the election. Regardless of his opponent in November, the toll the coronavirus will have taken on the American economy and people will be too great for him to overcome. He will lose the election, according to a growing number of commentators — including some Republicans.

Mostly, they claim the coronavirus will remove Donald Trump’s main selling point: his success with the economy. The Dow Jones is tanking like it’s 1987 and coronavirus’ unstoppable march through America means that a recession is all but certain.

As such, Trump will find it virtually impossible to claim that the U.S. economy is “the best it has ever been,” If that weren’t bad enough, the coronavirus’ human toll may turn a chunk of former Trump voters against him.

Dr. Doom Predicts Donald Trump Is Doomed

Famously, Nouriel “Dr Doom” Roubini predicted the housing bubble crash of 2007-8. Well, he’s now predicting the Donald Trump electoral crash of November 2020:

He will lose the election, that’s for sure. This has always been the case in history. Ford lost to Carter after the 1973 oil shock, Carter lost to Reagan due to the second oil crisis in 1979, and Bush lost to Clinton after the Kuwait invasion.

Roubini added, “The Democratic field is poor, but Trump is dead.”

Roubini’s not the only one predicting Donald Trump’s loss in the November presidential election:

Until yesterday, Trump was able to go out and say, ‘You might not like me, but you know what you get: Economic security. This is a gut punch … and it’s starting at the worst time because it’ll take the economy a month or two to catch up, so the bottom could hit just as the campaign is really hitting a stride.

These are the words of Republic strategist Evan Siegfried, speaking this month.

As Siegfried explains, Donald Trump has made the “stock market really the one true barometer of his presidency.” Given that the Dow Jones has lost over 25% of its value since an early February high of 29,551, it “really undercuts his main re-election message.”

Dow’s poor performance of late. | Source: Yahoo!

Given that the U.S. could contract or even enter recession in the months leading up to November, Trump’s failure with the economy will be complete.

Human Impact Of Coronavirus

Despite its importance, the economy isn’t the only thing voters care about. They also care about their health and lives. Make no mistake, the coronavirus is about to make their health and lives noticeably worse.

The coronavirus is spreading through the United States faster than most other countries on the planet. One estimate, calculated by researchers at Northeastern University, suggests that nearly 1.4 million Americans will be infected with the coronavirus by Apr. 30.

Congress’ attending physician, Brian P. Monahan, has predicted that between 70 million and 150 million Americans will be infected.

Such scenarios assume that Donald Trump and the U.S. government will do nothing to stem the growth of the coronavirus. So far, aside from an ineffectual European travel ban, Trump has done nothing.

Trump has left millions of American voters vulnerable. The most vulnerable voters will be of older demographics. Such voters are more likely to vote, and they’re usually more likely to vote Republican.

Source: Twitter

If Trump continues to let them down, as he has up until now, a significant number of them may shift their allegiances in November. If so, Donald Trump will be the one getting fired.

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