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When The Going Gets Tough, Meghan Markle Gets Going

When The Going Gets Tough, Meghan Markle Gets Going
  • Meghan Markle’s BFF Jessica Mulroney is hiding in her Toronto home ever since she hit the headlines for attacking an influencer.
  • Her parents have rushed to her side to take care of the kids, but Meghan is nowhere.
  • We shouldn’t be surprised. Meghan has a long history of fleeing the scene when things get tough.

What a time to be Meghan Markle’s BFF Jessica Mulroney. Within just a few days, the stylist and TV presenter’s life has gone to hell in a handbasket. That’s what happens when you get so above your station that you think it’s okay to threaten someone else’s livelihood.

Twitter reacts to Jessica Mulroney’s tweets | Source: Twitter

Of course, I’m referring to Mulroney’s barrage of hate against lifestyle blogger Sasha Exeter. Exeter’s crime: supporting the Black Lives Matter movement as a black woman. Through no fault of Exeter’s own, Mulroney supposedly took the post as an indirect dig at her. What came next was a special kind of diarrhea of the mouth reserved for overpaid Z-listers. According to Exeter, Mulroney went in hard.

You think your voice matters. Well it only matters if you express it with kindness and without shaming people who are simply trying to learn.

If only Jessica knew that hitting that send button would end up costing her entire career. Now, she’s hiding in her Toronto home trying to pick up the pieces of a life that she blew up with her ignorance. Her family is rallying around her, but where’s Meghan?

Meghan Markle Is a Quitter

Let’s face it, when it comes to helping others out, Meghan is only in it for the fame. If a camera isn’t there to document the moment and paint her in a good light, she’s not interested.

Meghan is reportedly distancing herself from Jessica in a bid to save her own skin | Source: Twitter

While no one is expecting Meghan to rush to Jessica’s side given her current situation, we’d expect to see something – anything – from her. Instead, all that we’ve heard is that Meghan is supposedly infuriated that Jessica has sullied her name by association.

As much as I would love to say this is a giant surprise, history tells us otherwise. When the going gets tough, Meghan gets going – as fast and as far as she can.

Meghan, The Runaway Duchess

Despite what her fans will have you believe, Meghan Markle isn’t the only member of the British royal family to have attracted negative press. Just ask Sarah Ferguson, or Princess Diana herself. Both had their privacy invaded. Both fought tooth and nail to be heard. What they didn’t do was skip the country the minute things got hard. They didn’t blackball half the press and cherry-pick reporters that blew smoke up their designer derrieres.

Did Meghan always know Jessica was bad news? | Source: Twitter

But, Meghan, the runaway duchess took Harry by the wedding ring and ran away to a country easily manipulated by glitz and glamor. What better place to push her power-hungry agenda than LA, the city built on smoke and mirrors?

Let’s not forget that the moment things became tense with Meghan’s father, Markle cut him out of her life like a rotting limb. There’s one thing that Meg can do better than anything else. Spoiler alert: it’s not acting.

Meghan whisked Harry away, but her intentions were far from honorable | Source: Instagram

Cut And Run Is Half The Fun

Over the past few years, Machiavellian Meg has proved herself to be a shrewd tactician. Every move she has made, from marrying Harry to having Archie, is calculated, planned, and devious. Up until now, Jessica Mulroney probably thought she was on the inside track to success as Meghan’s right-hand gal.

Jessica Mulroney could make millions if she plays her cards right | Source: Twitter

Now, she’s going to get a taste of what everyone else has been seeing all along. Meghan is never going to defend Jessica. She’s far too concerned building her inner circle of Kool-Aid drinking wannabes.

This is a woman who fantasizes about being a Hollywood star when she can’t even pay her rent. She pretends to be strong when she’s knee-deep in cowardice.

As for her friends, she lines them up and knocks them down. Jessica doesn’t have anything to offer Meghan but bad press.

The only question is, who’s next?

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