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Weak Xbox Series X Day-1 Launch Slate Hands Major PS5 Victory

Weak Xbox Series X Day-1 Launch Slate Hands Major PS5 Victory
  • Xbox boss Phil Spencer suggests that the Xbox Series X launch title lineup may be smaller than expected.
  • This could hand the PS5 a major launch day win if it has more new games to offer players.
  • However, the Xbox Series X could win over the year after launch as it gets new players with a steady release of exclusive games.

Speaking to IGN, Xbox boss Phil Spencer hinted what gamers can expect with next-gen games launching alongside its next-gen Xbox Series X.

Spencer stated:

It doesn’t really help somebody to have eight games launched on one day, and I think you can pace those out…For the momentum of the platform, it’s not about any one day, it’s about a sustained stream of great games coming from our first party and our third party partners.

This suggests that Microsoft knows that Xbox Series X exclusives are important, but it’s unlikely that these will all be available at launch.

This may hand the PS5 a major launch day win if the console is able to offer players more exclusive games. There are rumors that God of War 2 will be a PS5 launch title and Godfall has also been confirmed for the console.

Sony and its developers are likely working on several other big games for the PS5 release. The PS5 will easily be able to sell more than the Xbox Series X if that is what Sony is planning for the console’s launch.

However, Microsoft is likely to win the sales game a year after the PS5 and Xbox Series X have released if it is planning a steady release of exclusives. Releasing exclusives over time gives fans time to get excited about each of them and for new players to learn about the console.

It also helps Microsoft get new subscribers to Xbox Game Pass and many will keep their subscriptions to keep playing these games over time. It may not be the news that fans want but it could be what makes the Xbox Series X a success.

This article was edited by Samburaj Das.

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Last modified: April 4, 2020 11:06 AM UTC

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