WATCH: Hundreds of Vehicles Join L.A. ‘Rally in the Valley’ for Trump

WATCH: Hundreds of Vehicles Join L.A. ‘Rally in the Valley’ for Trump

LOS ANGELES, California — Hundreds of supporters of President Donald Trump paraded down Ventura Boulevard in a “Rally in the Valley” to show their support on Sunday morning.

Pickup trucks, minivans, motorcycles, military vehicles, and even a Tesla appeared among the 300 to 400 cars that rallied for the president.

L.A. Rally 5 (Joel Pollak / Breitbart News)

The crowd was diverse. There was a large Israeli contingent; one woman posed proudly with the American, Israeli, and Mexican flags — along with a “Blue Lives Matter” flag and a Gadsden flag: “We’re Mexican Jews,” she explained.

There were other flags, too: a Venezuelan flag, a Persian flag, and several different versions of the Trump 2020 flag.

Supporters were bullish about President Trump’s chances of re-election.

“He’s going to win in a landslide,” said Ed Regine, who works in the entertainment industry.

“He’s going to win more electoral votes than last time. His opponent is weak, a flip-flopper, a guy who’s made outrageous racial comments.”

A woman who called herself “Mrs. Trump” agreed. “I’ve been for Trump since before he came down the escalator,” she said.

One pickup truck featured a giant cross mounted on the rooftop. Another car displayed a sign with an image of “Squad” member Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), with the caption: “Your hate makes us stronger.” Other signs touted school choice and a variety of other causes: “Open our schools”; “Open our businesses”; “Recall Gavin Newsom.”

At a signal, the cars lined up and began rolling down Ventura Boulevard toward Woodland Hills. Los Angeles Police Department officers directed traffic.

Joel B. Pollak

Thus far, there were no reports of any incidents. Last month a similar caravan was allegedly shot at from one of the apartment buildings along Ventura. No one was injured.

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