Watch — Furloughed Ohioan: ‘Cure Is Going to Be Worse than the Disease’

Watch — Furloughed Ohioan: ‘Cure Is Going to Be Worse than the Disease’

A furloughed Ohioan attending an “Open Our Ohio” protest at the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus on Saturday told Breitbart News that the “cure is going to be worse than the disease” if people are not able to go back to work.

“Me personally, I’ve been furloughed. I’ve never been unemployed or furloughed in my entire life,” the woman told Breitbart News.

“I’m 56-years-old and have always worked since I was 12-years-old,” she continued, adding that she doesn’t know what to do with herself when she’s not working.

“If you’re following the data and the bad models that were put out originally, I mean that was just not true,” she said, remarking on the “great” turnout.

Everyone was patient, she said, when the original models showed high numbers, but she said, “We’re on the far side down of that curve” now.

“You know, we’re not going to be able to stay in our houses forever,” she said.

“Protect the people who are seniors and who have underlying health issues, but the rest of us need to get back to work, or the cure is going to be worse than the disease,” she added.

Another woman, donning a Trump beanie, said the shutdowns have greatly affected her daughter, who worked at a flower shop.

“She has basically no income coming in, but she’s trying to do some other things to offset that with Instacart, those kind of things, but it has hit her pretty hard, and as well as my son,” she said.

“Governor, you need to open up Ohio now,” she declared.

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