WATCH: Fans Boo, Chant ‘Lock Him Up’ After Trump Announced at World Series

WATCH: Fans Boo, Chant ‘Lock Him Up’ After Trump Announced at World Series

President Trump was greeted with boos and chants of “lock him up,” when he was announced at Game 5 of the World Series.

The president was seated alongside First Lady Melania Trump, several Republican lawmakers, and members of the “Wounded Warriors,” in the Washington Suite at Nationals Park. When the cameras showed the president, he was seen standing and clapping. However, when the crowd saw the president on the big screen, many began booing.


Trump just got booed at the Nationals game 😂👏 #FINISHTHEFIGHT pic.twitter.com/0Do5BCIlBc

— Sara Pearl (@skenigsberg) October 28, 2019

The booing continued until the screen showed members of the military, at which point the crowd began cheering again.

In addition, chants of “Lock him up” could be heard when Nationals starter Joe Ross began warming up for the fourth inning.


Full on “LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP!” chants heard throughout the crowd at Nats Park after President Trump was announced and shown on screen here #WorldSeries pic.twitter.com/1ktVXkHYFy

— Monica Alba (@albamonica) October 28, 2019

Others registered their discontent with the president through signage. The group “Veterans for Impeachment” displayed a directly in the camera’s line-of-sight behind home plate.

“Veterans for Impeachment” sign behind home plate tonight pic.twitter.com/trBa9Irx3H

— Andrew Beaujon (@abeaujon) October 28, 2019

Nationals Owner Mark Lerner reiterated that Trump had every right to be at the game and should attend regardless of anyone’s political viewpoint.

“Well, he has every right to come,” Lerner said. “He’s the president of the United States, whether you like him or not. It’s a special event. He should be at it.”

Sunday night’s game was Trump’s first time attending a baseball game as president. He deliberately chose to arrive late, so as to not cause additional traffic problems for fans.
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