WATCH — Doug Jones: ‘Dumb’ to Question My Opposition to Trump Judges

WATCH — Doug Jones: ‘Dumb’ to Question My Opposition to Trump Judges

Democrat Alabama Sen. Doug Jones stated Saturday that he believes it is “dumb” to question him on why he knows “better than Alabamians” when it comes to judicial nominations made by President Donald Trump.

Jones, who was approached by an individual named Derrick as he was leaving an event over the weekend in Aspen, Colorado, was questioned on previous comments he made regarding his opposition to Trump judicial nominees such as Brett Kavanaugh and Alabama’s Judge Andrew Brasher.

“Senator, why do you think you know better than Alabamians about Trump judges?” the individual asked Jones.

Ignoring the question, Jones responded, “Who are you?”

Jones went on to ask the individual whom he worked for and why he was in the area.


After much avoidance from Jones, the individual pressed him again, saying, “What’s most important is why you think you know better than Alabamians.”

After being pressed a second time, a female aide walked over attempting to shield Jones from the camera as she rushed to open the door for him.

“You asked me pretty dumb questions,” Jones said with a smirk as he entered the vehicle.

At one point during the confirmation process of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, Jones claimed that representing the majority of Alabamians is not “the be all to end all.”

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