Video: Louisville Journalist Hit by Non-Lethal Bullets on Live TV

Video: Louisville Journalist Hit by Non-Lethal Bullets on Live TV

Kaitlin Rust, a reporter for WAVE 3 News, appeared to have been hit with non-lethal bullets fired by a Louisville Metro Police Department officer amid heated protests in downtown Louisville Friday evening, reports WAVE 3 News.

Timothy Burke, a former Daily Beast employee, tweeted footage of the purported incident, which occurred on WAVE 3 News’ live broadcast and was later published on the news outlet’s website.

Police literally opening fire on the free press. pic.twitter.com/g8RMImZLGr

— Timothy Burke (@bubbaprog) May 30, 2020

At one point in the video, Rust could be heard screaming, “I’m getting shot. I’m getting shot,” before judging she had been hit with rubber bullets. She then reported they were “pepper bullets.”

Several hundred protesters demonstrated downtown in response to a trio of LMPD officers being involved in the March death of Breonna Taylor, who was shot dead when a no-knock warrant was served at her home. Earlier Friday, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer announced he plans to suspend no-knock warrants.

On Thursday evening, at least seven civilians were shot amid the protests in downtown Louisville. Earlier in the evening, Taylor’s family released a statement urging demonstrators to be “peaceful, go home and keep fighting for truth.”

Friday’s protests come as multiple cities across the U.S. are experiencing protests over the death of George Floyd, who died Monday after a now fired-Minneapolis police officer put his knee on his neck while in custody. On Friday, the ex-cop, Derek Chauvin was charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter in Floyd’s death.

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