Using Heatmaps To Improve Conversion

Geodex Heatmap


Geodex Heatmap
Geodex Heatmap

A Heatmap is a schematic representation of a web page through multi-colored areas , which shows where people looked the most on your web page. For an advertising company, it tells you the place your ads are likely to be most effective. With this you will be able to know exactly where your site’s users are moving their mouse and where they click on different portions of a website. Heatmaps are useful to find out which information on your web page attracts visitors the most and leads to maximum conversions.

How are these heat maps generated, and how do they know what parts of your page are most interesting to visitors? There are two ways to find it out- eye tracking and click tracking. If you are having trouble getting through your calls to action, or if you think users may be having difficulty using some of your site’s navigational tools, it is time to get out a heatmap.

Check where visitors click, scroll, move and even pay attention-

Geodex as a comprehensive heat map suite includes:

Click Heatmaps Check each and every mouse movement with scroll and clicks made by your visitors on different elements of your website including text part, anchor links, images, white spaces, banners, icons to buttons. Click heat maps works with different browsers to help us know accurately where people clicked among the different areas on your website.

Scroll Heatmaps Visitors don’t have time to read web pages, they simply scan them. With scroll heat maps, you can check whether various elements of your website like “ Special Offers”, “Buy Now”, “Add to Cart” are properly positioned for delivering maximum conversions or not. Scroll heatmaps show you how far visitors are scrolling down on your site’s page. How many people actually scroll down till the bottom or middle. We help you know where to place these necessary elements on your website so as to allow maximum visitors coming to it, resulting in conversion.

Hot Zone – Heatmaps Want to know how much attention a specific area on your website gets from your visitors. Attention heatmaps lets you analyze and understand your visitor’s behavior on your site. Attention heatmaps allow you to determine:

Which is the best place to put advertisements?

Which section of your website is most actively used by visitors?

Which web part needs to be improved based on importance of customers?

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Movement or Mouse Move Heatmaps – Movement Heatmap shows aggregated mouse movement across the page and is based on the data calculated by mouse positioning. It shows the necessary areas where your visitors pay attention and point out areas for optimization. In a way, these type of heatmaps incredibly provide you with eye tracking data that show which parts of a website are actually focused by your visitors.

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