Trump Mocks ‘Crooked’ Hillary for Ignoring Bill’s 2016 Advice on Michigan

Trump Mocks ‘Crooked’ Hillary for Ignoring Bill’s 2016 Advice on Michigan

President Donald Trump campaigned in Battle Creek Michigan on Wednesday, joking about how Hillary Clinton lost the state in 2016.

Trump recalled stories of Bill Clinton criticizing the campaign in 2016 for failing to do more work in Michigan, as he sensed that something was off in the state.

“Bill Clinton … you know he used to be a friend of mine until I ran for office. I like him,” Trump said. “He’s a pro. He’s an instinct guy. He doesn’t need polling companies.”

Trump then imitated a conversation between Bill and “Crooked” Hillary Clinton.

“Do you think he calls her Crooked Hillary? He might.” Trump said as the crowd laughed. “Maybe he just calls her Crooked.”

Trump asserted that Hillary Clinton’s campaign shut down Bill Clinton after he expressed concerns about her ability to reach white working class voters.

“He was right!” Trump said. “You know, I don’t want to cause any problems in the family, but he was right.”

Trump joked that he was lucky Hillary Clinton did not listen to her husband and got her “ass whooped” in 2016.

The president praised now Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel for repeatedly calling and asking him to come to Michigan to campaign in the state when she was the state Republican chair.

He urged supporters to come out and vote in Michigan in 2020.

“The word is we’re much higher in the polls than we were in 2016, in Michigan,” Trump said.

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