Trump: Democrat Impeachment Vote ‘An Attack on Democracy’

Trump: Democrat Impeachment Vote ‘An Attack on Democracy’

President Donald Trump at a Friday rallyripped House Democrats for their vote to begin an impeachment inquiry on Thursday.

“Yesterday’s vote by the radical Democrats is an attack on democracy itself,” he said.

The president spoke to his cheering supporters at a rally in Mississippi on Friday night, denouncing the Democrats for their attempt to impeach him.

“Yesterday the Democrat voted to potentially nullify the votes of 63 million Americans, disgracing themselves and bringing shame upon the House of Representatives,” he said.

The president told his supporters that the Democrats were looking for a way to impeach him ever since he first took office, reminding them that the Russia “witch hunt” failed miserably. But he admitted that he never expected Democrats to jump on impeachment.

“This is one I thought I would never be involved in,” he said. “The word ‘impeachment’ to me is a dirty word. It’s totally a phony deal, they know it, everybody knows it.

The president praised House Republicans for unanimously opposing the Democrats’ impeachment effort in the vote.

“I’ll tell you the Republicans are really strong, the strongest I’ve ever seen them, the most unified I’d ever seen them,” he said.

Trump explained that the impeachment effort only energized his followers.

“The American people are fed up with Democrat lies, hoaxes, and extremism,” he said. “The Democrats’ outrageous conduct has created an angry majority that will vote many do-nothing Democrats out of office in 2020.”

Trump also mocked the “deranged” media for pursuing impeachment, noting that they were aligned with Democrats in trying to reverse the 2016 election.

He pointed to an op-ed from the Washington Post calling for his impeachment that was published 19 minutes after he took the oath of office.

“The horrible newspaper, fake, fake, fake, Washington Post declared, ‘The campaign to impeach President Trump has just begun’” Trump said. “At least they gave us 19 minutes.”

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