Trump Defends Lockdown Protesters: Some Governors Got ‘Carried Away’

Trump Defends Lockdown Protesters: Some Governors Got ‘Carried Away’

President Donald Trump on Saturday defended protesters who were challenging state governors for increasingly harsh lockdowns during the coronavirus pandemic.

“There is a lot of injustice,” Trump said during the White House press briefing in response to a question from reporters about the growing number of lockdown protests across the country.

The president pointed to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s questionable list of prohibited activities and banned goods available for purchase.

“I really believe somebody sitting in their boat in a lake should be ok,” Trump said. “They shouldn’t arrest people.”

Some of Whitmer’s orders include banning Michiganders from going out in their boats while allowing kayaks to go out into the water and prohibiting residents from buying garden seeds or car seats while allowing sales of marijuana.

“Some of them are being unreasonable, I really believe that,” Trump said.

The president also cited Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam for signing into law more gun control laws during the pandemic.

He said that the American people were doing a good job adhering to social distance guidelines, suggesting that they did not need more detailed bans.

“I just think that some of the governors have gotten carried away,” he said.

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