Trump Campaign Spox Perrine: Canceling RNC Events Won’t ‘Hurt’ Enthusiasm

Trump Campaign Spox Perrine: Canceling RNC Events Won’t ‘Hurt’ Enthusiasm

President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign principal deputy communications director Erin Perrine on Friday’s broadcast of Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria” addressed canceling events at the Republican National Convention in Jacksonville, FL, over coronavirus concerns, arguing it “doesn’t hurt the campaign at all.”

According to Perrine, Trump made the decision to cancel the convention, but she does not see it negatively affecting enthusiasm or fundraising at all. Instead, she sees the enthusiasm for Trump in the GOP remaining “sky-high.”

“President Trump did make the decision when it came to canceling the Jacksonville portion of the convention,” Perrine stated. “He had been in conversations for a few days regarding this, and ultimately he made the decision to be able to cancel that and for us to make sure that however we celebrate his renomination as the Republican nominee for president, we will do so in a big fashion.”

“[T]his doesn’t hurt the campaign at all,” she added. “The president’s enthusiasm within the Republican Party remains at a record level, and we know this is a president who breaks records. He’s been doing it all across the board when it came to the primaries, when it’s come to fundraising. We raised $20 million this week with an online fundraiser. So, I would say the enthusiasm for president trump remains sky-high.”

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