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TRON’s Justin Sun Teases Secret ‘Multibillion Benefits’ Project

  • TRON (TRX) CEO Justin Sun teased a new secret project which would bring in at least 100 million new users.
  • Sun also promised his new DLive and BitTorrent project would bring “multibillion benefits” to the TRON ecosystem.
  • Reaction to Sun’s tweet was healthily skeptical, given the founder’s long history of baseless predictions and promises.

TRON founder Justin Sun is cooking up a secret project that will bring “multibillion benefits” to the TRX ecosystem. That’s according to a typically sensationalist tweet from Justin Sun where he also forecast the influx of 100 million new users.

On Jan. 12 the TRON CEO teased an upcoming secret project for BitTorrent and DLive. Sun claimed the “multibillion benefits” expected to reach the TRX ecosystem was a “conservative forecast.”

TRON founder Justin Sun teased a new secret project that would attract 100 million users, and bring ‘multibillion benefits’. | Source: @JustinSun, Twitter

Justin Sun Loves Announcing Things

This isn’t the first time Sun announced such an announcement. One reply on Sun thread directed him to a similar tweet he posted last October where he promised the onboarding of “billions of customers.”

A very similar tweet from last October promised billions of customers. | Source: @JustunSun. Twitter

The reaction to Sun’s tweet proved skeptical, given his long history of outlandish promises, teases and predictions.

Indeed, Justin Sun prompted the creation of the term ‘announception’ to describe his knack for making loud, empty announcements.

TRON Noise

Despite having the largest follower count in the crypto space, Justin Sun may have good reason to keep making loud noises. An analysis of Sun’s Twitter followers compared to his Google search presence threw up some major discrepancies.

There’s a very strong chance that the vast majority of Sun’s Twitter followers are bought and paid for. If true, then the apparent self-destruction embodied in Sun’s tweets suddenly make sense. Perhaps this is the only way Sun can get noticed.

Nevertheless, Justin Sun isn’t the first cryptocurrency figure to manipulate social media for personal gain. Recently, a spelling mistake inadvertently revealed Binance chief Changpeng Zhao’s use of paid Twitter commenters.

But there was some positivity to be found in reply to the TRON founder’s latest tease. One user pointed out TRON’s continued growth despite constant scam accusations.

Not everyone has given up hope on TRON. | Source: @Godovcrypto, Twitter

The TRX coin fluctuated throughout the day, before returning to the price it opened at. That’s a far cry from as early as last year, when an announcement by Sun was still enough to move the TRX ticker.

This article was edited by Sam Bourgi.