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Tools to Test your Ecommerce Site


Does your ecommerce site need a checkup? Testing can help you gauge your site’s performance and your customers’ experience. Best of all, many testing tools are either free or relatively inexpensive.

Here is a tool to test your website. There are usability tools to test customer behavior. And there are performance tools to measure a website’s speed, browser compatibility, and search-engine-optimization performance.

Geodex.info. Geodex measures where visitors click. It features a heat map for clicks, a scroll map that displays how far down visitors scroll, and a confetti tool to distinguish clicks by referral sources. Price: Plans start at $FREE for 1 Website (Domain) with unlimited active pages.


Geodex A/B framework enables you to track split-test landing pages. The one-script A/B framework allows you to test your campaigns and learn about your customers by testing different content, offers and ideas. Price: Included.

With our A/B framework  you can track engagement, clicks, conversions, sign-ups, or anything else that matter to your business. Test changes across multiple pages with A/B and multivariate testing. Target customer visitor segments and optimize your conversion funnel. Price:Included.