Thousands of Disney+ Streaming Accounts Hacked and for Sale on Dark Web

Thousands of Disney+ Streaming Accounts Hacked and for Sale on Dark Web

Disney’s big new streaming service, Disney+, has already been hacked and the personal information of thousands of customers have been stolen and put up for sale by hackers on the dark web.

Customer accounts are already for sale for as low as three dollars per account, ZDNet is reporting.

The service only launched seven days ago, and in that short stretch of time Disney gained more than ten million subscribers. But it was only days before some subscribers were reporting that they had lost control of their accounts as hackers gained access and changed passwords.

One customer reported having his account hacked a mere ten hours after opening his Disney+ account.


— brandon ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ (@brandoncult) November 12, 2019

Others announced similar outrages:

i think my disney+ account was hacked… send help pic.twitter.com/xzIT1VF0cY

— E. (@erikalynfred) November 18, 2019

#distwitter has anyone’s @disneyplus account been hacked? My friend’s was; hackers changed email and password. Now she’s completely blocked from her 3-year prepaid Disney+ account. She’s been on hold for >2 hours

— cat+dog=happyhome (@Travel4vr) November 12, 2019

Disney Plus account hacked this morning. They changed my email address on file, and my password to log me out of me own account #disneyplusfail pic.twitter.com/dRBu4fYlhx

— sarawr_jean (@sarawr_jean) November 12, 2019

Not even been half of a week and my dad’s Disney+ account has ALREADY been hacked.

Great security there @disneyplus @Disney. Unbelievable. #DisneyPlus

— Jesse (@CommandrBlitzer) November 15, 2019

ZDNet also found that some hackers were simply posting lists of Disney+ users to allow thieves to use the accounts for free. Disney+ allows legitimate users to use the same account on multiple devices, so many users would never even know if someone else was also using their account.

Security experts urge streaming customers to use unique passwords for Disney+, one they don’t use on any other account, and for users to employ symbols, numbers, and upper and lower case letters to help discourage hackers from simply guessing commonly used passwords.

Disney+ is far from the only streaming service that has suffered a loss of security for customer accounts. The dark web is awash with hackers selling account information from customers of Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix and other services.

The Disney streamer has already experienced a troubled rollout with Disney executives forced to apologize for outages on its very first live day on the web.

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