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Stop Blaming Kate Middleton’s Problems on Meghan Markle

Stop Blaming Kate Middleton’s Problems on Meghan Markle
  • Kate Middleton is reportedly “exhausted” thanks to her new responsibilities.
  • She allegedly blames Meghan Markle and Prince Harry for being “selfish.”
  • Kensington Palace denies the rumors, which don’t reflect well on Duchess Kate.

Kate Middleton would like you to know that it’s not easy being the future Queen Consort. According to a new report, the Duchess of Cambridge has a lot of responsibilities, and she’s just “exhausted” by them all.

This same report claims that it’s Meghan Markle’s fault that Middleton and Prince William have these new and increased responsibilities.

And though Kensington Palace claims this report is false, the question still remains: how did the British gutter press even come to this ridiculous conclusion?

Why Are Kate Middleton’s Responsibilities Reliant on Meghan Markle?

Is Kate Middleton so fragile that she can’t take her children to school and handle her professional responsibilities? | Source: Shaun Jeffers/Shutterstock.com

According to an unnamed royal insider, Kate Middleton is under so much stress, and she feels it’s all Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s fault.

Meghan and Harry have been so selfish. William and Catherine really wanted to be hands-on parents and the Sussexes have effectively thrown their three children under a bus. There goes their morning school runs as the responsibilities on them now are enormous. Kate is furious about the larger workload. Of course she’s smiling and dressing appropriately but she doesn’t want this.

Perhaps I’m just a “stupid American,” but can someone explain how Middleton is under “stress” now that her in-laws are out of the way?

Welp! This tweet just about sums it up. | Source: Twitter

In-law jokes are the subject of countless American punchlines. And I’d bet that the average American wife would be standing at the front door, smiling broadly, calling the Uber with one hand, and holding the valise with the other, if the in-laws announced they were leaving.

Second, and perhaps most importantly, is Kate Middleton so fragile that she can’t take her children to school and handle her professional responsibilities? Countless mothers all over the world do it every day. What makes her so special?

These Accusations Are Really Tiresome

Naturally, Kate Middleton — through her representative — denied these reports as “categorically false.” And who can blame her? This story is outrageous, even by British gossip press standards.

That’s what it sounded like to us, too. | Source: Twitter

We get it: there’s a faction of Britons that don’t like Meghan Markle.

Whether it be because she’s American, because she’s black, because she’s an actress, or because she didn’t want to put up with “The Firm’s” nonsense, you would think that Meghan Markle was Myra Hindley with the way some people carry on about her.

And honestly, she’s really not that bad. This writer would venture to say that Prince Andrew cavorting with Jeffrey Epstein is far, far worse than an American actress not wanting little girls to wear tights during a late spring wedding.

This is what people have a problem with? Really? | Source: Twitter

But to make it seem like Kate Middleton can’t be around her own children because Meghan Markle wants to live her own life is absurd. Was Meghan Markle the Windsor nanny, and we only just got the memo?

Both Duchess Kate and Duchess Meghan have something great to offer the world, in different ways. You don’t have to attack one to uplift the other.

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