Steve Scalise: Joe Biden Would Let Far-Left Radical Socialists Run the Show

Steve Scalise: Joe Biden Would Let Far-Left Radical Socialists Run the Show

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) said Joe Biden, if elected president, would have his administration run by “far-left radical socialists,” offering his remarks on Wednesday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow.

Scalise said Biden offers contradictory promises to the Democrats’ left-wing base and the broader American electorate. He highlighted Biden’s refusal to directly address a question regarding expansion of the Supreme Court’s number of justices — known as court-packing — during Tuesday’s presidential debate.

Biden’s refusal to support or oppose packing the Supreme Court “tells you he’s for packing the court,” determined Scalise, “but he won’t even admit it in a very straightforward question.”

Scalise remarked, “[Biden] wants to make wild allegations that are false against the president, but on a very direct question either lies about it or refuses to answer it.”

Scalise continued, “Joe Biden said he’s going to ban fracking, and then today he might help the people of Pennsylvania he won’t, but when he’s winking and nodding, hiding in the basement, he’s making it clear to the far-left radical socialists that he will ban fracking. So who do you trust, that Joe Biden who’s saying one thing in public or the Joe Biden who’s — on his own website or in other settings — has told the left that he’s going to let them run the show? I think we know the left is going to run the show.”


Political duplicity has been a feature of Joe Biden across the former vice president’s entire career in Washington, DC, Scalise asserted.

“Joe Biden’s entire 47-year career in politics has been defined by taking both sides of every issue,” Scalise said. “So why should it have been any different last night? This is who he is. The problem is, while he takes both sides of every issue, it’s the far left that he always sides with, and in the end, if he were in the White House, it would be the far left that he would be sticking with.”

Scalise added, “It’s what [Biden] has done this whole 47 years, so he’s okay with telling people one thing and doing the opposite.”

During Tuesday’s debate, Biden claimed to not support the Green New Deal while expressing support for it seconds earlier. His own campaign website describes the Green New Deal as a “crucial framework” in combating what it claims is a “climate crisis.”

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