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Steep 2 Is Secretly in Development at Ubisoft – Here’s Every Detail We Know

Steep 2 Is Secretly in Development at Ubisoft – Here’s Every Detail We Know
  • Ubisoft is developing a sequel to its popular extreme winter sports title, Steep.
  • Aptly, it’s dubbed Steep 2.
  • The licensing of third-party music is well underway.

According to a source with links to the project, Ubisoft is currently developing Steep 2, the appropriately-dubbed sequel to Steep, the open-world extreme snow sports title that launched in 2016.

Ubisoft Has Begun Licensing Music for Steep 2

Although we are unable to confirm the exact progress of Steep 2’s development, the source, who spoke to CCN.com on condition of anonymity, suggested that the game is deep into the production phase.

A source with links to the project confirmed to CCN.com that Steep 2 is in development at Ubisoft. | Source: Ubisoft

According to our source, Ubisoft is busy licensing third-party music, much like in the original. Steep featured tracks from the likes of Boomfunk MC’s, The Cinematic Orchestra, and Odesza.

Our source was unable to provide any further details.

Will Ubisoft Unveil the Game at E3?

Should Ubisoft adopt a similar announcement-to-release strategy as the original Steep, an unveiling at E3 2020 is a possibility. This does depend on the state of development, though, which our source was unable to confirm with any certainty.

Running with this, we can speculatively expect a late 2020 release date. This would position Steep 2 as a next-generation launch title or possibly a cross-generational release.

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Last modified: January 16, 2020 5:57 PM UTC

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