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‘*sshole Satoshi’ Craig Wright: I Can Sink Bitcoin Price Because I’m a $6B Whale, Baby!


Self-proclaimed bitcoin inventor Craig Wright remains defiant after a judge ordered him to turn over 50% of his 1.1 million-bitcoin trove to the estate of his late business partner Dave Kleiman.

Using today’s bitcoin price, that entire stash is worth more than $10 billion.

“The judge ordered me to send just under 500,000 BTC over to Ira,” Wright told Modern Consensus. “Let’s see what it does to the market. I wouldn’t have tanked the market. I’m nice.”

Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart’s order is not final until federal judge Beth Bloom (who’s the presiding judge over the Kleiman lawsuit) accepts his ruling.

CRAIG WRIGHt: ‘I’m the *sshole Satoshi’

Despite Judge Reinhart’s Aug. 26 order, Wright gloated that he’s still holding more than $5 billion in bitcoin, so his haters can bite him.

“You think I’m gonna complain because I only get to keep $6 billion and I’m the only surviving member of Satoshi?” Wright said. “The judge ruled it was a partnership. I’m the *sshole Satoshi. And Dave was the nice one. So have a nice day.”

bitcoin inventor dave kleiman craig wrightSatoshi Nakamoto was a three-person partnership apparently comprised of Craig Wright, Dave Kleiman, and a third person.

“So when Dave Kleiman passed, the partnership transferred to Ira,” Wright explained.

Ira Kleiman is Dave’s brother. As CCN reported, Ira filed a $10 billion lawsuit in 2018, demanding that Wright turn over 50% of the bitcoin he had mined with Dave during their partnership.

Ira also wanted 50% of the intellectual property that Dave and Craig collaborated on during the time they had worked together at Florida-based tech company W&K Info Defense Research.

Wright admits that the judge won’t declare that he is Satoshi Nakamoto. However, by ordering Wright to hand over 50% of his bitcoin to Kleiman, the judge apparently seems to agree that Wright was one of the inventors of bitcoin.

bitcoin lawsuit craig wright dave kleiman forged signatureshe still owns a lot of bitcoin. “Dave should have owned 320,000 and I should have had 800,000. And now it’s 50/50,” he said. “At the end of the day, that’s not a good thing for BTC.”

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