Social Media Uses Super Bowl Pepsi Half Time to Push Racial Division

Social Media Uses Super Bowl Pepsi Half Time to Push Racial Division

Aside from those wondering just what the heck Shakira was doing with her tongue during Super Bowl LIV’s Pepsi halftime show, one of the most posted social media comments was attempts to deepen racial division in the country.

A scroll through Twitter, for instance shows thousands of users claiming some people, particularly white people, must have been furious that the stars of the show were two powerful Latinas, singers Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, and that they sang most of their lyrics in Spanish. Naturally, Trump was also a common target:

white trump supporters watching Shakira, Bad Bunny, J Balvin & JLO performing rn #PepsiHalftime pic.twitter.com/2T2b1ti3wb

— AG (@iamanahelg) February 3, 2020


When the racists in the stands hear Shakira and Jlo sing in Spanish #PepsiHalftime pic.twitter.com/oMre46LsD4

— zoe:) (@zoeroby3) February 3, 2020

Trump administration watching Shakira #PepsiHalftime  show for the #SuperBowl pic.twitter.com/cH0qR68C3C

— Meme Central ➐ (@Thundergod13) February 3, 2020

Trump when he saw the Puerto Rican flag #SuperBowl #PepsiHalftime pic.twitter.com/OUpHnYaHwk

— بشار (@Falafelz1) February 3, 2020

white families during the halftime show #PepsiHalftime pic.twitter.com/ujDuKDvf9y

— logan (@spacecowboyXD) February 3, 2020

White trump supporters watching Shakira, Bad Bunny, J Balvin and JLO performing amazing #PepsiHalftime pic.twitter.com/R72I8gGQCY

— juanitoo❄️ (@bbyjuanito) February 3, 2020

Racist mf’s trying not to say anything during the #PepsiHalftime pic.twitter.com/kMpRsgjOEo

— Anthony Lopez (@SomalianTony) February 3, 2020

White familys across America right now #PepsiHalftime pic.twitter.com/gTBTRT7iQq

— Gerardo Hernandez (@ElOreejas) February 3, 2020

white trump supporters when shakira and j-lo started speaking spanish #PepsiHalftime pic.twitter.com/8qdslUQs9v

— (@demolitionluvrr) February 3, 2020

One social media user took that hate in a different direction and tweeted that no men should ever be allowed to do a halftime show again:

Men should NEVER be allowed to headline the #PepsiHalftime show ever again. JLo and Shakira ended the streak of declining halftime shows after Justin and Maroon 5 bombed theirs

— Cece✨ (@CantReadMyJudas) February 3, 2020

Of course, many were thrilled that the Latino’s were so prominently featured:

Do you know how BIG this performance is for the latin community!? I STAN #PepsiHalftime pic.twitter.com/JEkBUk5DRE

— Ana Mazamorra🇵 (@aormana) February 3, 2020

Then there were those who raised an eyebrow when Shakira performed her tongue trilling:

me trying to figure out why the fuck shakira thought doing that tongue thing on live tv was a good idea #PepsiHalftime pic.twitter.com/fo7LbHOHPb

— macy spencer (@macyspncer) February 3, 2020

no one:

shakira during halftime:#PepsiHalftime pic.twitter.com/RpXI1b5tB6

— mikala nicole (@mikalanicole25) February 3, 2020

Shakira did a mhururu and people were hyped it’s a sound of celebration in Zimbabwe and also parts of Southern Africa 😊🙌🏾🙏🏾#PepsiHalftime pic.twitter.com/e8gyCbrQGQ

— Chelle Chips (@ChelleChipato) February 3, 2020

At least one person wondered why no one noticed that the Pepsi Halftime show subtly featured kids in cages at a possible slap at the Trump administration’s immigration policy:


— lyam (@luthorswift) February 3, 2020

Then there was Florida Republican Jeb Bush who thought the show was the best ever:

Best Super Bowl half time show ever.

— Jeb Bush (@JebBush) February 3, 2020

Finally, if you are curious, here is how they set up the stage for the show:

This is how they set up the #PepsiHalftime Show! #SuperBowlLIV pic.twitter.com/0NCSwaqb6x

— Digital Trends (@DigitalTrends) February 3, 2020

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