Sen. Kelly Loeffler: More Results, Less Rhetoric — the Path Forward Post-Impeachment

Sen. Kelly Loeffler: More Results, Less Rhetoric — the Path Forward Post-Impeachment

For the past two weeks, in one of my first acts as a U.S. Senator, I sat as a juror during the impeachment trial of President Trump.

Serving as a juror during an impeachment is a solemn duty, and I took my oath to uphold that duty—and the Constitution—very seriously.

On Wednesday, though, I made one of the easiest decisions of my life: I voted against the articles of impeachment and acquitted President Trump of any and all wrongdoing.

As I sat and listened to the House Democrat Managers make their arguments, a long and winding diatribe of distortions and puzzling patchwork of cherry-picked hearsay, I quickly came to realize a simple but profound truth: This is exactly why people are fed up with Washington D.C.

Instead of building on the success of our booming economy to create even more jobs, Democrats have spent months wasting time on impeachment.

Instead of improving our infrastructure to make commutes safer and faster, Democrats have spent months wasting time on impeachment.

Instead of continuing to find innovative, free-market solutions to our healthcare system that make it more accessible and affordable, Democrats have spent months wasting time on impeachment.

But if you step back and think about it, the sham impeachment hearing really isn’t all that surprising: it was just another fabricated fairytale aimed at unseating a duly elected president.

The truth is that Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and the rest of the Democratic Party have been trying to impeach the president from the day he was sworn in on January 20, 2017.

I’m not a politician. In fact, I’m probably the farthest thing from it. I was raised on a farm and learned from an early age the value of faith, hard work, integrity, and responsibility. Those core principles have afforded me a successful career in business.  As a result, I have been able to create jobs, expand opportunities for Georgians, and deliver quality products for our customers.

That’s the record of results that I’m bringing to the U.S. Senate. That’s the sort of private sector success that D.C. so desperately needs. Voters are sick and tired of career politicians saying one thing and doing another, all while collecting a paycheck and plotting their next move. I’m here to fix that, support our president and get Washington back to work.

Government by and for the people needs to be less like a bureaucracy and more like a successful business. It should be less about political ambitions and TV appearances and more about public service and results that put hardworking Americans first.

I was proud to hold the line on impeachment and defend our president, but that’s just the first step toward getting America back to work. We have so much more to do to deliver for Georgia, and that’s exactly why I’ve already hit the ground running.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be traveling around the state to celebrate the end of the impeachment sham and hear from hard working Georgians on how we can move our state forward. From supporting our farmers and veterans, tackling the opioid crisis, enhancing educational outcomes, and protecting families from violence, we have a bold agenda—and it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to work.

I hope you’ll join me as we work together to support the president, drain the swamp, and create more opportunities for every Georgian to succeed.

Kelly Loeffler is the junior U.S. Senator from Georgia.

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