Ron DeSantis Welcomes Donald Trump ‘Home’ to Florida | Breitbart

Ron DeSantis Welcomes Donald Trump ‘Home’ to Florida | Breitbart

Governor Ron DeSantis welcomed President Donald Trump “home” to Florida on Tuesday, after the president recently changed his residency to the state.

“Let me just say Mr. President, given your change of registration, welcome home to Florida,” DeSantis said.

Trump announced on November 1 that he and the first lady would change their official residency from New York to Florida, after being “treated very badly” by the local leaders.

DeSantis spoke with Trump at a political rally with supporters in Sunrise, Florida, on Tuesday as he traveled to his Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach for Thanksgiving.

The Governor touted the economic health of the state despite having one of the lowest tax burdens in the country.

DeSantis also said he was very excited to welcome first lady Melania Trump to the state of Florida.

Trump told a story about how he was surprised to discover that DeSantis was not fat:

I always thought Ron was a little bit heavy, and one day I’m with him and I pat him on the shoulder, and I go, ‘Whoa! that’s strong, that’s a lot of muscle there.’ My hand didn’t sink in like it does with a lot of people.

Trump said he was impressed with the governor’s physical form.

“I see him without his shirt one day, and this guy is strong, and he’s not fat, that’s all power, that’s all muscle, I want to tell you that,” Trump said.

Trump advised DeSantis to take off his jacket from time to time to show voters “the real Ron.”

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