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PS5 Controller Earns Gushing Praise from Doom Eternal Publisher

PS5 Controller Earns Gushing Praise from Doom Eternal Publisher
  • Bethesda’s Pete Hines offered a bold first impression of the PlayStation 5’s newly-revealed DualSense controller.
  • The SVP of global marketing and communication says the controller will make you “immediately forget about a PS4 controller.”
  • The claim bodes well for those apprehensive of the transition from the familiar DualShock 4 to the DualSense.

According to none other than Bethesda’s very own Pete Hines, the PlayStation 5’s freshly-unveiled DualSense controller will make you forget the DualShock 4.

That’s quite the tip of the hat coming from Bethesda Softworks’ long-standing senior vice president of global marketing and communications. As everyone and their uncle reacted to Sony’s surprise announcement and the hyper-modern design of the DualSense, the Bethesda man weighed in on Twitter with his two cents.

The PS5’s new controller is earning gushing praise from industry executives. | Source: Sony Interactive Entertainment

An executive at one of the biggest publishers on the planet, Hines was lucky enough to try out the DualSense:

I’ve gotten to try the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers on this thing and was very impressed. I think games are gonna do some really cool things with them.

Source: Twitter

Nothing all that surprising here; you’d expect some improvements in a next-gen piece of kit. The haptic feedback – which promises a more immersive tactile feel to games – and the tension-mimicking adaptive triggers align with Sony’s plan for a significant generational leap.

Exponentially Better Than the DualShock 4

When asked how it compared to the PlayStation 4’s DualShock 4 controller – in particular, if the DualSense felt different – Hines delivered a far bolder verdict. High praise that perfectly illustrates what the DualSense should feel like in the hands of the player come Holiday 2020.

You sort of immediately forget about a PS4 controller. I went back and forth between them, and you immediately just want to use the PS5.

Source: Twitter

The DualShock 4 certainly isn’t perfect. But through sheer force of habit or simple preference, many PlayStation 4 owners have grown fond of the controller. To learn that the DualSense will reportedly offer such a seamless transition is undoubtedly great to hear.

Now, we just need to patiently wait for Sony to unveil the box that comes alongside.

This article was edited by Josiah Wilmoth.

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