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Princess Diana Would Have Supported Megxit? I Don’t Think So

Princess Diana Would Have Supported Megxit? I Don’t Think So
  • There’s a belief in certain quarters that Princess Diana would be fully supportive of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decisions of late.
  • I believe she would have supported her son’s desire to step back from royal life and provide a life of privacy for his son, Archie.
  • I don’t believe she would have supported a move to Los Angeles and an attempt to become celebrities based on the royal name.

There’s a line of thought that seems to be gaining popularity that claims Princess Diana would be somehow proud of the way Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have acted of late.

Diana did indeed wish that Prince Harry could lead something of an ordinary life. But would she be supportive of the way he and his wife, Meghan, have gone about it?

I doubt it.

Princess Diana wanted Harry to live a ‘normal’ life

This is the claim that many fans of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have grasped to further their argument.

As we’ve seen from them in the past, they’re taking an element of truth and adding their own spin to it.

Did Princess Diana wish a more normal life for her youngest son? Yes, she did.

Would she have been fully supportive of him stepping back from royal duties to a certain extent to raise his son outside of the media spotlight? More than likely.

Would she have been entirely behind him seeking out that “normal life” in Los Angeles, while allowing his wife to trade on his family name to further her diminishing career prospects?

In my opinion, absolutely not.

Meghan and Harry fans are a weird bunch. | Source: Twitter

Prince Harry did not step back from his royal duties due to media pressure

Let’s be honest here. Prince Harry didn’t step back from his royal commitments because of the media spotlight and invasions on his privacy.

If he did, why on earth would he choose to move his family to Los Angeles–the epicenter of paparazzi, celebrity, and media attention?

It makes absolutely no sense.

Those who understand how the British royal family works would know that if privacy for his family were the primary concern, he would never have left the United Kingdom.

Privacy isn’t Harry and Meghan’s concern. | Source: Twitter

Princess Diana knew from an early age that William and Harry would lead differing lives

Through no fault of either, both Princes William and Harry were born with different destinies.

Prince William, the future King. Prince Harry, the brother of the coming King, and sixth in line to the British throne.

The chances of Harry becoming King are slim to none. Princess Diana was all too aware of this, and for this reason, she wished a more normal life for her youngest son.

Prince Harry was in a unique position where a somewhat “normal” life was possible for him.

While Prince William’s destiny was never in doubt, and he’s growing into that role admirably.

Prince Harry, however, was always seen differently. He was a lot more rebellious in his younger years, and to a certain extent, he had more freedom than his brother.

Princess Diana knew both her sons would lead different lives. | Source: Twitter

What Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are looking for isn’t privacy

I honestly believe that if Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had told everyone that they were leaving the royal family to do their own thing, become celebrities, earn a lot of money and create their own royal brand, they would have seen more respect from the British public.

Granted, many would not have agreed with the choice, but at least the couple would have been honest.

As it stands, they’ve been anything but honest. And I don’t think Princess Diana would have been supportive of that.

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