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Prince Harry’s Life ‘Turned Upside Down’ – But He Only Has Himself to Blame

Prince Harry’s Life ‘Turned Upside Down’ – But He Only Has Himself to Blame
  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have barely been in Los Angeles for a month.
  • Already, Harry is reportedly complaining that his life has been turned upside down.
  • How long before the Prince longs for a return to the life he knows?

When Meghan Markle dragged Prince Harry to Los Angeles, every royal commentator wondered how he would cope with the move.

Barely a month later, warning signs have begun to bubble up to the surface.

‘Hollywood Harry’ misses military life

It’s easy to forget, looking at Prince Harry today, that he wasn’t always subservient to a careerist wife. At one time, he was a respected royal member of the British armed forces.

Those days seem like such a long time ago.

When Prince Harry formally stepped away from royal duties to live a life of “financial independence” with his wife, the Queen removed his military appointments.

According to a source speaking with the Daily Telegraph, Prince Harry is already beginning to miss his military life. He has reportedly told friends that he is “really missing” his time as a soldier.

Source: Twitter

He confided that his life has been “turned upside down.”

What exactly was Prince Harry expecting when he made the choice that he did?

What is really crazy about this situation is that it was always evident this day would come. Well, it was apparent to everyone except Prince Harry himself, it would seem.

There is possibly no stranger pair of bedfellows than a British prince who has spent much of his life in the military and the celebrity lifestyle of Los Angeles.

If Prince Harry honestly thought he was going to transplant his entire life to a strange new country and live happily ever after, he’s more gullible than even his harshest critics give him credit for.

Prince Harry only has himself to blame. | Source: REUTERS/Simon Dawson

The term “fish out of water” is perfect for the scenario of Prince Harry living in Los Angeles.

He’s essentially written off his entire life as he knows it for a single reason. To help further the career of his wife, Meghan Markle.

And while I can admire a man’s commitment to his spouse, the fact that Meghan Markle had absolutely zero issues with taking her husband out of his life – away from his family, friends, and everything he’s ever known – so she can try to crack Hollywood tells you precisely what kind of person she is.

How long can Harry keep up the pretense that everything is okay?

While there isn’t too much Prince Harry can do about his situation at present due to the coronavirus lockdown, we have to ask what his plans are for the months ahead.

He’s been in the United States for just over a month. How will his mental state be when he’s been there two more months? What about a year?

Once the lockdown ends, Meghan will be hitting the red carpet with a vengeance. After all, these expensive court cases against British newspapers won’t pay for themselves!

But of Prince Harry? What will he do while Meghan is mugging it up for the cameras with the editor of Vogue at a dinner where he isn’t needed?

I’m guessing he’ll be staying home, just waiting on Meghan to snap her fingers and wheel him out for the celebrity locals to gawk at.

What happens after Prince Harry cracks under the pressure?

What happens when Prince Harry finally decides to go home? | Source: Alan Fraser Images/Shutterstock.com

I don’t believe “Hollywood Harry” will survive through the summer. I think Prince Harry will be back on British soil with his tail between his legs, looking to regain his military appointments and other aspects of his old life.

Will Meghan join him? Or will she have gotten enough from him to stand on her own in L.A.?

At that point, Prince Harry could join the scrapheap next to old flames like Trevor Engelson and Cory Vitiello.

But by then, will he even care?

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Last modified: May 1, 2020 5:10 PM UTC

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