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Prince Harry’s ‘Everyman’ Shtick Jars With What Meghan Markle Is Selling

Prince Harry’s ‘Everyman’ Shtick Jars With What Meghan Markle Is Selling
  • Prince Harry told attendees at a tourism conference in Scotland to address him “simply as Harry.”
  • He and Meghan Markle have made quite a stir with their back-and-forth with the Queen over the use of the Royal Sussex brand.
  • The problem for “simply Harry” is that without his royal links, the brand that he and Meghan are building would be worthless.

Prince Harry told attendees at a tourism conference in Scotland that he wishes to be known “simply as Harry.” But that down to earth, everyman approach doesn’t sit well with the royal brand that he and Meghan Markle seem intent on cashing in on.

I wonder if “simply Harry” believes anyone cares when there’s no “Prince” in the title?

Prince Harry is who he is because of his ties to the royal family. Full stop.

It may feel very noble to tell your subjects that they should refer to you “simply as Harry,” but that isn’t what the Royal Sussex brand is built around.

You see, the truth is, no one cares about “simply” Harry and Meghan Markle. That’s not what sells.

JPMorgan isn’t inviting “simply” Harry to speak at their convention. They want Prince Harry – and all the glamour that comes with him.

The masses care about Meghan Markle, the attractive, empowering young woman who married her very own Prince Charming. The Meghan Markle who married a relatively unknown Hollywood director and was a reasonably anonymous actress?

Not so much.

Most of Meghan’s followers who leap to her defense with cries of “racism” on a near-daily basis couldn’t have picked her out of a lineup before she met “simply” Harry.

The money is in the brand of British royalty – not Meghan Markle and Harry

The fawning masses don’t adore Meghan Markle because she married “simply Harry.” His royalty was all that mattered. | Source: Twocoms/Shutterstock.com

What Meghan Markle and “simply” Harry are selling to their gullible fans is the curated, modern version of royalty for an American audience.

The truth is, the two people behind the actual titles and family links don’t matter. It’s not Harry and Meghan as individuals who are the brand here.

It’s Harry’s family lineage and the rich history that comes with it. A history that Americans, try as they might, don’t have.

And never will.

Why Meghan Markle fans can’t bear to see her criticized

Meghan Markle represents the closest thing they’ll ever get to real royalty, so those Americans who are triggered every time someone questions her intentions are merely defending what they believe is a unique brand.

It isn’t.

If any of her American audience wants to see what real royalty is, jump on a flight and watch Prince William and Kate in the U.K.

Prince William will likely be King William one day. Poor old “simply” Harry has as much chance of becoming King as I do.

The Queen is perfectly entitled to put her foot down

And that’s why the Queen did what any good monarch would do when her grandson and his careerist wife ditched their royal duties while scheming to cash in on the royal brand.

She put her responsibilities and her country ahead of her personal feelings.

The Queen is only trying to prevent the wider public from being fooled by this royal-lite charade that is the Royal Sussex brand.

We should be thanking her.

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