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Prince Harry Is Now Hollywood Harry – a Man out of His Depth

Prince Harry Is Now Hollywood Harry – a Man out of His Depth
  • We all know what Meghan Markle’s plans are post-royal family.
  • She thinks her future involves Hollywood movies, brand building, and general superstardom.
  • She, at least, has something of a background that fits this lifestyle. Harry does not.

Meghan Markle has realized her endgame. She dated and married her way to the top, and has finally snagged herself a prince.

She’s somehow convinced him to renounce his royal duties, disgrace his family name, and abandon his elderly father and grandparents to follow her across the world to Los Angeles.

For Meghan Markle, it’s a case of job done.

Meghan Markle Has What She Wants, but What About Prince Harry?

The news surrounding Harry since the couple left the UK hasn’t been great.

Meghan has enjoyed the release of her Disney+ voiceover debut. Prince Harry has been nothing more than a bystander.

He should probably just get used to it. His role in Hollywood is to open doors for his wife, just as Trevor Engelson and Cory Vitiello did before him.

Meghan has routinely used then dumped the men in her life | Source: Twitter

This is the primary role of the men in the presence of Meghan Markle.

However, Prince Harry wasn’t forced to Los Angeles by Meghan Markle. He’s a big boy and makes his own decisions.

A royal insider told The Sun:

He was smitten and star-struck over the whole thing. I don’t think she had to twist his arm to move to Hollywood.

Prince Harry Is Apparently ‘Star-Struck’ by Hollywood

Reports suggest that Prince Harry is “fascinated” with movie stars.

I’ve been to LA a few times; it’s a cool place to visit. But, I do wonder how Prince Harry will feel after the novelty of being in Hollywood wears thin? Once he realizes that most of the movie stars and celebrities that Meghan calls her friends are vacuous and superficial?

It will all be a far cry from the British soldiers and schoolmates that he called his friends back in the UK. These are the friends that he can only see when Meghan Markle lets him.

Source: Twitter

Royal family fans are asking how long Prince Harry will last in America before he grows tired of the superficial lifestyle.

Another question worth asking is, will Meghan Markle care by that point?

Meghan Markle’s History With Men Is Well Documented

If and when Prince Harry grows tired of the LA lifestyle and begins to pine for the life he knows, Meghan’s reaction will depend on one primary factor.

How successful has she become off the back of her connection to the royal family?

It may be the case that Meghan Markle will be in a position by then where she doesn’t need Prince Harry anymore. She’s already assured of some royal connection thanks to baby. Prince Harry might soon be a surplus, not a necessity.

At that point, he’ll join the likes of Trevor Engelson and Cory Vitiello on the scrapheap of men Meghan has used and discarded.

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Last modified: April 4, 2020 4:51 PM UTC

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