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Prince Harry Assessed by Body Language Expert – the Results Are Hilarious

Prince Harry Assessed by Body Language Expert – the Results Are Hilarious
  • A body language expert has offered her viewpoint on Prince Harry since he left the royal family.
  • He’s taken on traits that are usually displayed by American teenagers.
  • Prince Harry is very much a man in need of purpose and identity.

I’ve always been fascinated by what our body language tells others about us. When a body language expert spoke to the Pod Save the Queen podcast about changes in how Prince Harry was carrying himself, I knew it would be interesting.

Needless to say, I wasn’t disappointed.

Prince Harry has changed his body language considerably since leaving the royal family

Speaking to the Pod Save the Queen podcast, body language expert Judi James claims:

I love watching Harry because we will see him change. I think we’re probably not seeing the metamorphosis quite as much as we would have done had we not had lockdown.

This is true. Sadly, both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have had their plans and movement curtailed by the pandemic.

James continued with her assessment:

His body language — he’s always quite animated, but he’s suddenly become quite teenager-ish with his body language. The hands are quite high, he rolls his eyes while he’s speaking. I think he’s getting that enthusiastic American teenager vibe that we maybe weren’t seeing when he was being royal in the UK.

Harry’s body language has been the topic of discussion for some time now. | Source: Twitter

Is Prince Harry acting like an American teenager?

Wait, what?

Prince Harry is displaying the body language of an American teenager? Seriously?

I honestly didn’t know what to say when I first read that.

We’re talking about a 35-year-old British Army veteran who spent time in Afghanistan. A member of the British royal family. The King’s brother.

And he’s now taken on the body language of an American teenager?

This confirms what we have known all along about Prince Harry

There have been numerous reports that Prince Harry is finding it tough since leaving the life he knew so well in the United Kingdom.

He’s finding it hard to settle in, and even more importantly, he’s having difficulty seeing where he fits into this new life that he and Meghan Markle are creating for themselves.

It has even been rumored that he’s not all that sold on L.A., with reports that Australia may be the next destination of choice.

The body language expert believes that we may be seeing a “new side” of Prince Harry away from the royal spotlight:

I think we saw Harry change so much. I could always see the rift between him and William anyway, going back right to the first days of Harry’s marriage and meeting Meghan.

A side of him where he acts like an over-excited teenager?

Harry seems like a rather lost individual at the moment

I’ve read a few opinion pieces that suggest Prince Harry married Meghan Markle as she represented a mother figure of sorts.

Someone who will tell him what to do, what to wear, how to act, and generally let him exist without having to make any of the adult decisions that most of us have to make daily.

Does Prince Harry see Meghan Markle as a mother figure? | Source: Twitter

I’ve always dismissed such opinions as nonsense, but now I’m not so sure. Is Prince Harry regressing into some childlike state since leaving behind not just his royal life but also all semblance of responsibility?

One thing I do know is that Prince Harry is seemingly a man without purpose at the moment. He’s seeing his brother step up and establish himself as a real figurehead for the royal family. At the same time, Harry is stuck in L.A. rolling his eyes like an American teenager.

Let’s hope the younger Prince snaps out of his malaise before long and gets back on track.

I miss the old Prince Harry.

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