Portland Moms Create ‘Human Shield’ to Protect Protesters

Portland Moms Create ‘Human Shield’ to Protect Protesters

Portland moms formed a “human shield” during Sunday night’s protests as demonstrators surrounded the courthouse, tore down the fence, and set fires while ignoring the calls to disperse.

Portland saw yet another night of violent protests as a crowd gathered outside the Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse, chanted, and attempted to dismantle the fence around the building for over an hour, according to a statement from the Portland Police Bureau (PPB). Demonstrators were able to breach the fence, prompting federal law enforcement to attempt to repair the damage.

Several videos on social media show the demonstrators tearing down the fencing and setting fires in the area. Other footage shows moms forming a “human barricade” and chanting, “Feds stay clear! Moms are here!”

“We are about protecting peaceful citizens’ right to protest,” Bev Barnum, the “Wall of Moms” organizer, told BuzzFeed News.

A crowd of about 400 has now occupied both SW 3rd and SW Main.

The moms are chanting, “Feds stay clear! Moms are here!” at the federal courthouse.

All three fences are still up. pic.twitter.com/jhJ09NUxGW

— Lindsey Smith (she/her) (@LindseyPSmith7) July 19, 2020

A group of #Portland moms form a human barricade on Federal Courthouse fence. Federal Courthouse has made several announcements to the crowd to get off the property #Portland pic.twitter.com/gciAlqv4II

— Jorge Ventura Media (@VenturaReport) July 20, 2020

Human shield tactics designed to protect Antifa terrorists while they commit acts of violence and arson https://t.co/2qio6Z5cJB

— Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 (@JackPosobiec) July 20, 2020

The protests continued as demonstrators climbed the fence, ultimately pulling the structure down, which gave them access to the area in front of the courthouse.

“Dozens of people with shields, helmets, gas masks, umbrellas, bats, and hockey sticks approached the doors of the courthouse. Federal law enforcement came out of the courthouse at about 11:50 p.m. and dispersed the crowd,” the Portland Police Bureau said in a statement:

Over the next two hours, hundreds of people wandered around downtown Portland, many regrouping on SW 3rd Avenue in front of the courthouse, in the adjacent parks and around the Justice Center. At 1:31 a.m. a person climbed onto the northwest corner of the Justice Center to tamper with a security camera. At 1:34 a.m. people lit a fire within the portico in front of the federal courthouse. Others gathered around the fire adding wood and other debris to make it larger.

At 1:42 a.m. federal law enforcement came out of the courthouse, dispersed the crowd, and extinguished the fire.

PPB added that Portland Police were “not present during any of the activity described.”

Portland Police Bureau is aware federal law enforcement have deployed CS gas in the area of the Federal Courthouse. Avoid the area for safety.

— Portland Police (@PortlandPolice) July 20, 2020

Here is the current scene in front of the Federal Courthouse in #Portland pic.twitter.com/rnblljCxVJ

— Jorge Ventura Media (@VenturaReport) July 20, 2020

And the fences are coming down in #Portland in front of the Federal Courthouse pic.twitter.com/LjBmFkdUEj

— Jorge Ventura Media (@VenturaReport) July 20, 2020

Antifa and BLM rioters tore down what remains of the heavy fencing protecting the Portland federal courthouse. They want to gain access to the doors of the building. #PortlandRiots Video by @VenturaReport pic.twitter.com/5ubqc2Nn1X

— Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) July 20, 2020

And after the tear gas cleared, antifa rioters return to the Portland federal courthouse. They’re now using the fence they broke earlier to barricade front of the courthouse so that law enforcement can’t come out. #PortlandRiots Video by @ShelbyTalcott: pic.twitter.com/IRG91SKoex

— Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) July 20, 2020

Anarchist rioters have started a fire on a side of the Portland federal courthouse. One of the first things they burn? An American flag. #antifa #PortlandRiots Video by @ShelbyTalcott: pic.twitter.com/1N4nhFtN20

— Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) July 20, 2020

After setting up barricades & burning the American flag, antifa rioters are trying to grow the fire they set on the Portland federal courthouse. #PortlandRiots Video by @ShelbyTalcott: pic.twitter.com/nwyXhj0XRH

— Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) July 20, 2020

Federal officers deploy flashbang and tear gas to clear out massive crowd in front of the Federal Courthouse momemts after the crowd took down the fencing #Portland pic.twitter.com/6ImXcjSuND

— Jorge Ventura Media (@VenturaReport) July 20, 2020

Pepper balls fired, flashbang and tear gas deployed on crowd #Portland . Federal officers have cleared the crowd that in front of the Federal Courthouse pic.twitter.com/GlCicPkSBS

— Jorge Ventura Media (@VenturaReport) July 20, 2020

Demonstrators have wreaked havoc on the city of Portland for weeks as part of their greater effort to deplete the city of resources and defund the police. Area businesses have lost at least $23 million as a result of the continuous demonstrations, many of which have descended into riots.

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