Poll: 8-in-10 Have ‘Favorable’ View of People Who Wear Masks

Poll: 8-in-10 Have ‘Favorable’ View of People Who Wear Masks

Eighty percent of Americans—including 68 percent of Republicans and 61 percent who “strongly approve” of President Donald Trump’s job performance—have a favorable view of people who wear masks during the coronavirus crisis, according to a national poll released on Friday evening.

The Fox News poll found that strong majorities in all of the 40 demographic groups that were polled had a favorable opinion of those who wear masks.

So do these non-medical masks we’re all meant to be wearing actually do anything?

Well yes, yes they almost certainly do. Here’s a thread about the current science.

Let’s start by explaining this striking picture of a researcher speaking in a laser scattering chamber.
1/n pic.twitter.com/pm6kA8k0cw

— Jeremy #Masks4All Howard (@jeremyphoward) June 19, 2020

Just 13 percent of Americans had an unfavorable view of those who wear masks.

The poll was conducted June 13-16 and has a margin of error of +/- 2.5 percentage points.

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