Pete Buttigieg: ‘Sense of Calm’ My Biggest Strength for Job of President

Pete Buttigieg: ‘Sense of Calm’ My Biggest Strength for Job of President

Mayor Pete Buttigieg posited in a recent interview that his calm demeanor was his greatest strength for the job of President of the United States.

In an interview with theSkimm, Buttigieg answered several typical job interview questions for the position of President of the United States.

When asked about his greatest strength, Buttigieg replied:

I’d like to think it’s a sense of calm. Not that I don’t get fired up or passionate about things, but it takes a lot to get under my skin and I think for a job like the presidency you need to be able to stay as level as possible.

When asked what is the biggest challenge of the job of president, he said that he would regret losing his sense of normalcy at home.

“I also have a fairly normal life, at least I used to,” he said. “I get my own groceries, walk the dog, take out the trash, and it’ll be a little hard to get used to that.”

When elected president, he said he would first propose an agenda to abolish the electoral college and address climate change.

“We don’t have a moment to lose,” he said.

Mayor @PeteButtigieg will be one of 10 candidates taking the stage for round 3 of the Dem Debates this week, going for the big seat in the Oval Office. So we asked him some of our go-to job interview questions. pic.twitter.com/UQK71qGdzs

— theSkimm (@theskimm) September 11, 2019

Buttigieg also said he would listen to his advisers and mentors if elected president.

“I learned so much from the people who came before me, especially when you’re my age and you’re running for high office,” he said. “You need to spend as much time as you can learning from the people that have been there.”

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