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Outrageous Coronavirus Stunt Proves Justin Sun Will Go Full-Cringe to Shill Tron

  • Tron CEO Justin Sun is on his way to help the people of Wuhan province with a box of face-masks.
  • The founder continues to live up to his reputation for capitalizing on any opportunity to advance his own cause.
  • The real beneficiaries here are Tron and Justin Sun himself, who knows the value of a well-timed tweet.

Tron: When you give to the needy, don’t announce it with trumpets. So says Matthew 6:2, and if anyone in the cryptocurrency space should take heed of those words, it’s Justin Sun.

Tron To Stop Coronavirus

On Wednesday the Tron founder declared he was on his way to help fight the coronavirus. Judging by the photos Sun posted, that primarily means distributing face-masks.

The steely eyes of a man determined to shape public perception in his favor. | Source: @JustinSun, Twitter

Assuming there’s a shortage of face-masks in the city, it would be hard to see Sun’s actions as anything but commendable. Except for the fact that Tron, and Sun himself, will likely benefit most from this publicity stunt.

Sun made sure to mention his cryptocurrency project in his heroic announcement. As if tweeting about his charity efforts weren’t enough, he also snapped some dramatic selfies while posing with his serious face.

We even have video footage of Sun himself, breaking his back to make sure he and his Tron logo were as visible as possible.

Sun is a benevolent, jet-setting international philanthropist, guys! Have you got the message yet? Tron is a serious company!

This only days after Sun pulled a similar move on a grieving U.S. populace in the wake of Kobe Bryant’s death.

Left Hand, Right Hand

Continuing on from Matthew:

When you give to the needy, don’t let your left hand know what you’re right hand is doing.

That analogy can be contorted slightly to fit the cryptocurrency space. While you, me and everyone else all know about Justin Sun’s antics with Tron, the mainstream news media do not.

That’s why every few months you’ll find another Forbes or Bloomberg article focusing on the wonderful young entrepreneur that is Justin Sun. No mention of his long history of lies, hype, manipulation and conspiracy.

Sun knows the value of a well-timed tweet. His target audience is not you. It’s the people who know less than you.

This article was edited by Sam Bourgi.