Nolte: Woke Movie ‘The Kitchen’ Proves Women Need to Buy Guns

Nolte: Woke Movie ‘The Kitchen’ Proves Women Need to Buy Guns

The Kitchen is yet another one of Melissa McCarthy’s awful Woke Movies (also see: Ghostbusters, The), but it does, albeit it accidentally, make a very compelling case for the Second Amendment.

One of the most appalling things I’ve ever witnessed was CNN’s Jake Tapper remaining silent as his own audience booed a rape victim because she bought a gun.

How amoral, how depraved, how warped by your tribalism, how twisted by your ideology does one have to become to a) boo a rape victim, and b) boo her for buying a gun to ensure she is not raped a second time?

You see, no matter how much the fake news media and the left say different, there is a biological fact that will always be a biological fact: Men are bigger and stronger than women.

All these movies that show women like Scarlett Johansson’s 105 pound Black Widow taking out piles of burly men…?


All these movies that show 99 pound Angelina Jolie and 101 pound Charlize Theron beating up all those male marauders…?


That might be fun to watch, especially if the ladies are in tight pants, but it’s total BS.

Even with her mad fighting skills, a guy is always going to prevail because he’s got 50 to 100 pounds on her, because she can hit him 20 times without leaving a mark and he only has to lay a hand on her once.

A great example of this can be found in The Equalizer 2. There’s a scene where Melissa Leo’s character is attacked by a couple of guys and as skilled as she is in the art of self defense, and has hard as she fights back, simply because the guys are bigger, they prevail.

Why do you think there are different weight divisions in sports like boxing? At the lower level, those divisions are separated by as little as three, eleven and thirteen pounds, because when you only weigh 110 pounds, you have no chance against someone who weighs 120 pounds.

So that is just the way it is, the way it’s always been, and always will be, which is why a firearm in the hands of a woman is sometimes called an equalizer.

Those few pounds of iron in the hands of a woman who is trained in how to handle it — those few pounds equal everything out. Suddenly, biology doesn’t matter.

If a 180 pound man is determined to rape and kill a 125 pound woman, she is going to get raped and killed … unless she’s armed.

God bless the Second Amendment.

Which brings me to The Kitchen.

The Kitchen, which is already a critical and financial failure, tells the story of three woman (Melissa McCarthy, Tiffany Haddish, Elisabeth Moss) who decide to form their own mob in Hell’s Kitchen, New York, circa 1978.

And the movie flopped because it’s preachy and not very good. There is nothing wrong with a female empowerment movie. I’ll watch Norma Rae all day long. But The Kitchen is not so much a feminist movie as much as it is a woke movie, which means it frequently stops in its tracks to lecture and pontificate — which is obnoxious.

It also has bigger problems, like a rushed script, a story that tries to do too much at once, and it’s never very believable — especially with its unearned twists.

There is, though, one very fascinating character… Moss plays Claire Walsh, a mousy, put upon, abused wife who has been shit on by bullying men her whole life. Her husband beats her. Guys hassle her for sex on the street. Even the homeless guy she goes out of her way to help ends up robbing and beating her.

But deep down inside, Claire is a full-blown sociopath who ends up becoming the enforcer for the female trio, and while they’re running around making money and lecturing the audience, the liberated Claire is getting revenge.

And what liberates Claire?

The only thing that can … the Second Amendment, the equalizer, a gun.

My favorite scene in the whole movie finds Claire walking down  the street with a bag of groceries. She’s minding her own business when a guy starts hassling her with Hey, babybaby stuff — and what does she do?

Without missing a step, she pulls a gun on the creep.

Instant respect.

Instant equality.

The creep immediately shuts up and backs off.

Without the gun, sociopath or no, Claire is helpless. No matter how much she protests, pleads, or asks nicely, the creep is going to creep on her until he decides to quit because biology.

It’s the glorious Second Amendment that finally gives Claire the power to enjoy her God-given right to walk down a public street without being harassed.

And it is the gun that gives the trio the ability to make Hell’s Kitchen their own, to muscle out rival gangs, to protect what is theirs.

Sure, they’re smart and shrewd. But without the equalizer, none of that would matter. Without the gun, these women are home ironing and breast feeding.

I’m not advocating for women to become criminals. I’m not even advocating for women to pull guns on idiots who Hey, babybaby them. And I’m sure as hell not recommending The Kitchen.

But The Kitchen does do us a service in reminding us of the power of truth…

You see, truth is so powerful, so undeniable, that even a preachy, left-wing, piece of woke like this cannot pretend that men and women are not different and that the Second Amendment is not a moral necessity.

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