Nolte: Irishman Beto O’Rourke Ejects Orthodox Jew from All-Black College

Nolte: Irishman Beto O’Rourke Ejects Orthodox Jew from All-Black College

As if the Democrat Party does not already have a big enough antisemitism problem, on Tuesday, and with no cause whatsoever, flailing (literally) Democrat presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke ejected an Orthodox Jew from an event held at an all-black college.

The reporter, of course, was our own Joel Pollak, who was booted for no other reason other than who he is… Because he’s a Breitbart News Editor? Because his wife is in the military? Because he’s a legal immigrant? Because he’s Jewish? No valid reason was given. No official complaints about unprofessional misbehavior (because there has been none) were filed.

While Pollak waited on Tuesday afternoon to cover a Paddy O’Rourke speech at Benedict College, a historically black university, a campaign staffer, who refused to give his last name, falsely accused him of being “disruptive” at past events.

If the Fake Hispanic’s idea of “disruptive” is being asked a polite question (about a lie he and the rest of the Democrat field and the media have been spreading about President Trump for a year now), then every reporter in the world is “disruptive.”

Here’s video of the exchange between Pollak and O’Rourke, and as you can see for yourself, it is entirely professional. In fact, even though O’Rourke is lying and dodging the question, Pollak is much more professional than the so-called mainstream media. He doesn’t interrupt or attempt to debate O’Rourke. He asks his question, lets Paddy answer, asks his follow-up, and lets Paddy answer again.

There is nothing “disruptive” about asking a presidential candidate a challenging question, even if an argument can be made that O’Rourke’s not a real candidate now that he’s polling at one percent behind some guy named Andrew Yang.

Nevertheless, on Tuesday, Pollak was basically told he could leave on his own or not, a none-too-subtle threat that a member of the free press could be arrested for doing the crucially important work of protecting our democracy through journalism. Before complying with the request to leave, Pollak was confronted by a police officer.

Now, I’m not saying the Fake Hispanic is an antisemite. We can never know what lies in the true heart of a leprechaun. What we can do, though, is talk about something the media love to talk about, and that’s … the optics.

As we all now know, the Democrat Party is now a seething hotbed of antisemitism, a Party led by a parade of horribles who make no secret of their desire to see Israel wiped off the face of the earth, and here is an Irishman booting an Orthodox Jew for no cause.

Another possibility might stem from the fact that Pollak is a legal immigrant. As we all know, Democrats like O’Rourke only feel favorable towards illegal immigrants. So I think it’s fair to ask: if Pollak were here illegally, is it possible that on top of free health care, welfare, food stamps, and housing that Beto would have allowed him to stay?

Again, I’m just talking optics here. But…

We know for a fact that O’Rourke’s campaign didn’t really boot Pollak because of his behavior. We have his only interaction with the candidate on video. What’s more, we also know just how much O’Rourke respects and holds dear, just how much the leprechaun cherishes the media because of how many times he has said so…

So what could the reason be to invent a pretext to kick the Jew out?

I’m just asking questions.

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