NFL, NFLPA Announce 1-Hour Televised Social Justice Special on NBC

NFL, NFLPA Announce 1-Hour Televised Social Justice Special on NBC

In case you were wondering what the NFL was doing to advance the cause of social justice and equality, the league and the league’s players association are going on television to tell you all about it.

According to an NFL press release via MSN:

We will devote the entirety of our one-hour program on NBC next Wednesday, Sept. 9, to providing a platform for our players and allies to discuss the work that we are doing together to advance social justice and equality. Additional details on this program to be announced at a later date.

The move comes amid a slew of other social justice initiatives the league has unveiled this week. In addition, the league will, “facilitate meetings between with state and local elected officials and leaders of law enforcement, to discuss steps that can be taken to reduce conflict and improve relations between law enforcement and members of the community.”

The league will also, “continue to sponsor non-partisan educational programs to ensure that our players, staff, and families know how to register, how to obtain absentee voting material, and are able to vote on Election Day.”

The league concluded the announcement of their social justice initiatives by expressing how “proud” they were of their players’ social justice efforts.

“We are proud of our current and former players for the extraordinary work that they do in our communities. Club-owners, and employees are proud to support and work alongside the players to make our country better, fairer, and more equal.”

The league is taking steps to increase the visibility of their campaign to promote “equality” on the field as well. The league recently announced their plans to write ‘End Racism’ in end zones this season. Also, the league will allow players to display the names of people killed in officer-involved incidents on their helmet padding.

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