MSNBC’s Jason Johnson: Kavanaugh ‘Is the Fifth Guy in the Gang Rape’

MSNBC’s Jason Johnson: Kavanaugh ‘Is the Fifth Guy in the Gang Rape’

Sunday on MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” network political analyst Jason Johnson said Justice Brett Kavanaugh was like “the fifth guy in the gang rape in light of a New York Times report about Kavanaugh’s potential involvement in unwanted sexual contact.

Johnson said, “This is giving me a flashback to all of the disgusting things that I thought about Brett Kavanaugh last year. The technical things, the mysterious debt, and we have no idea where it went. I don’t know anybody who spends that much money on Nationals’ tickets. That doesn’t make any sense to me. And then thousands of the legal documents things he wrote in the Bush administration that would Republicans would not turn forward. Then you have the history of sexual assault.”

He continued, “I have never heard of a guy who is a one-time rapist. I have never heard of a one-time sexual assaulter. I grew up with guys like this. He’s from around this area. He is the fifth guy in the gang rape. He’s the guy who comes in after he is drunk because everybody else encourages him and he can get away with it. He’s been pretty much covered his entire life. And now he’s on the Supreme Court where he can move that same despicable misogynist attitude he has gotten away with his entire cowardly life to the greatest misogynist of all the president of the United States.”

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