MLK ‘Injustice’ Tweet Comes Back to Haunt LeBron James

MLK ‘Injustice’ Tweet Comes Back to Haunt LeBron James

On Tuesday, LeBron James insisted that he does not want to be political about everything, but an old tweet saying just the opposite is now coming back to haunt the NBA star.

James told the Los Angeles Times that he doesn’t “think every issue should be everybody’s problem as well.”

James made his proclamation to get out of having to be expected to comment on the massive human rights violations happening with the NBA’s big-money partner, China.

But today, many fans are pointing to a tweet from last year that James made when he was working to appear as a serious progressive activist.

“Injustice Anywhere Is A Threat To Justice Everywhere,” he tweeted in January of 2018.

-Injustice Anywhere Is A Threat To Justice Everywhere- Our Lives Begin To End The Day We Become Silent About Things That Matter- #ThankYouMLK50

— LeBron James (@KingJames) January 15, 2018

NBA fans are rightfully skeptical of James and his polar opposite positions. Should right-thinking people be concerned about injustice “anywhere,” or only when it doesn’t interfere with their bank accounts?

Not many on social media were very understanding of LeBron’s sudden disinterest in political issues:

*offer not valid in Hong Kong

— Jeff (@Coach_JIB) October 15, 2019

Good words, comrade Chairman @KingJames pic.twitter.com/VMgyF9LUct

— Benny (@bennyjohnson) October 16, 2019

*offer not valid in Hong Kong

— Jeff (@Coach_JIB) October 15, 2019

Naw you’re just a fraud that’s what I’m pointing out.

— KotaChamberlain🚫⚠️ (@DBrowning34) October 16, 2019

As a fan of you from #Hongkong, I am really disappointed!!!!

— ἟Kara – Hongkonger἟😷Ὑ🏻 (@cheeselok2) October 15, 2019

worried about chinese govt banning Space Jam 2?

— S15 (@nis15s15) October 15, 2019

“… unless the injustice happens in China and they cuttin’ a huuuuuuge check.”#bumquotes

— Thomas Garcia (@tomgarseeya) October 15, 2019

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