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Meghan Markle Insulted Millions of Brits with Unbelievably Arrogant Complaint

Meghan Markle Insulted Millions of Brits with Unbelievably Arrogant Complaint
  • Rumors persist that Prince Harry is growing restless while locked down in Los Angeles with his wife, Meghan Markle.
  • A royal commentator has revealed that Meghan deemed royal life to be beneath her.
  • She whined that she was nothing more than a “civil servant” – just like millions of other Brits.

Everyone except their most deluded fans knows that the reason Meghan Markle and Prince Harry abandoned their royal duties was never about escaping the glare of the paparazzi. Well, the truth is finally coming out.

One insider says Meghan complained that life in the royal family was like being a “civil servant in a tiara.”

We couldn’t have that now, could we? I mean, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry love to tell us how much they adore their fanbase and the British public. Then they go and insult millions of them behind their backs.

Meghan Markle is all about status and money

Apparently, being a civil servant is beneath Meghan Markle. | Source: Simon Dawson/Pool via AP

Talking to Market Watch, royal commentator Ashley Pearson commented that Meghan was shocked by how “unglamorous” the lifestyle of a royal was:

She had no idea how un-glamorous it really is to be a royal, and when she found out she would be a civil servant in a tiara, she was like, ‘no way.’

I mean, come on! Do you really think that Meghan Markle worked her way up the social ladder to spend her time mingling with the ordinary people?

Source: Twitter

That’s what makes me laugh when I see the Sussex Squad defending Meghan to the hilt on social media.

You do know that she doesn’t care about you, right? She views “regular people” the same way as she does civil servants.

You’re beneath her.

Meghan Markle gave Prince Harry an ultimatum – it’s me or your family

But it’s not just “regular people” that are beneath her. The royal family is too.

Speaking to royal correspondent Rebecca English, a palace insider claims that Meghan Markle was not only the driving force behind Prince Harry stepping away from his royal duties and his family but that she gave him an ultimatum:

Another senior royal source told me Meghan had issued her husband with a stark ultimatum: Archie and me are your family.

Ms. English continued:

Harry had been hopeful of finding a way to marry his desire for more freedom with his royal heritage, but Meghan convinced him there was no other option. She forced him to choose. He has spent three months convincing himself he has done the right thing.

Source: Twitter

How will Hollywood life affect Harry and Meghan’s Marriage?

All but the Kool-Aid guzzling Sussex Squad can see the signs that this marriage may not end well.

Prince Harry isn’t the type to sit quietly at home while his wife walks the red carpet and cashes in on his family name.

Not that Harry is principled or smart enough to figure out he’s being used, of course. It’s that he’s far too selfish in his own right to spend much time doing something he doesn’t want to do.

I fully expect him to wait out the lockdown that’s currently in place across the United States, after which he’ll undoubtedly enjoy some of his time in Los Angeles. A few months spent fraternizing with the movie stars. Maybe grabbing a few selfies with sports stars like LeBron James, hanging out with some musicians, and so on.

But he’ll eventually grow tired of that. And he’ll grow tired of Meghan Markle.

Source: Twitter

It’s what Prince Harry does. Many of the newcomers foolishly believe Harry is a loving family man who wants to support his wife. They clearly haven’t looked into his past.

Prince Harry has always had an eye for the girls, and for a bit of misadventure.

Not unlike that Hewitt fellow who isn’t his father but bears a striking resemblance to him.

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