Mariah Carey Celebrates Meeting ‘President’ Hillary Clinton

Mariah Carey Celebrates Meeting ‘President’ Hillary Clinton

Pop icon Mariah Carey posted a celebratory tweet Monday in honor of meeting Hillary Clinton, whom she referred to as “President Clinton.”

The five-time Grammy Award-winner was among the famous figures — including the Clintons — who attended Barbra Streisand’s Madison Square Garden concert over the weekend. Carey posted a picture to her 21 million Twitter followers, showing the “We Belong Together” singer all smiles next to the failed presidential candidate. She made it no secret that Hillary is her “president.”

“An honor to meet President Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton!” she wrote, thanking Hillary for “everything” she has done for the country.

An honor to meet President Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton! ? Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for our country. ❤️?? pic.twitter.com/uPj1WXQjnm

— Mariah Carey (@MariahCarey) August 6, 2019

“The honor is ours; it’s not every day you meet a queen,” Clinton, who lost handily to Trump in 2016, wrote.

The honor is ours; it’s not every day you meet a queen. ? https://t.co/a2W7JPwv1M

— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) August 6, 2019

Streisand faced backlash after giving a shoutout to the Clintons during her Madison Square Garden performance, praising Bill and expressing her desire to perform at Hillary’s inauguration (which never happened).

“A great president needs a sense of history and unquenchable thirst for knowledge,” she said of former President Bill Clinton. “And the compassion that would not allow children to be separated from their parents.”

.@BarbraStreisand gets political. After shout outs to @TheRevAl and @RepJerryNadler then @BillClinton who gets thunderous applause. pic.twitter.com/p6S2ysf96Y

— Samantha Liebman (@SamiLiebman) August 4, 2019

But when @BarbraStreisand talks up @HillaryClinton, who gets even more applause than Bill, she says 3 years ago she hoped to sing at her inauguration. pic.twitter.com/f7NIJXwrTW

— Samantha Liebman (@SamiLiebman) August 4, 2019

Streisand also attempted to troll President Trump with a remixed rendition of “Send in the Clowns.” Trump supporters in the audience were visibly irritated.

As Breitbart News reported:

New York Magazine Washington Correspondent Olivia Nuzzi gave a play-by-play of Streisand’s seemingly impromptu political moment during the concert. According to her tweets, the singer polled the crowd to find out if there were more Democrats or Republicans and proceeded to sing “a parody of Send in the Clowns about Trump.” The Trump supporters in attendance, Nuzzi said, were irritated and shouted “Just sing!”

This is not the first time Carey celebrated meeting a politically-charged figure. Last November, the singer posted a picture alongside disgraced quarterback Colin Kaepernick with the caption, “Such an honor to meet @kaepernick7 today!”

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