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Majority of Sales and Business Development Professionals Struggling with Lead Gen Efforts

Majority of Sales and Business Development Professionals Struggling with Lead Gen Efforts

Many research reports lead to the conclusion that the majority of marketing and business development professionals are struggling to find quick and efficient lead generation tactics.

These reports prove that 23 of these professionals find their lead generation tactic to be “kind of successful”, while the other 13 believed their tactic wasn’t working so well.

About ⅓ of respondents stated that a lack of marketing budget was responsible for their low-quality lead generation strategy, while another 13 said that lack of quality data was the issue.

Furthermore, problems like lack of effective strategy and limited content creation abilities were also cited in many cases.

“Leads are the fuel of the sales pipeline” that’s the main message that the authors of the reports tried to deliver. “But prospects are becoming more sophisticated about reaching out to companies and sharing the information marketers need, to bring in demand.”

According to the “Annual B2B Lead Gen Survey” released by Chief Marketer, From more than 50,000 U.S. and international sales, business and marketing professionals, approximately 78 percent of people said that their primary marketing and sales channel was B2B. The report shows how B2B lead generation can be challenging, but there are certain methods that may be more effective than others.

With all of that being said, today, there is a simple solution for this “Achilles heel” for sales professionals, there are companies and suppliers who can be your ultimate lead generator in the B2B world.

A great example is “The Middle Block”, their services are much more customer-centric than what regular lead platforms can offer. By giving these professionals a quick overview of your ideal client profile, they will be able to provide a tailor-made B2B sales report for your team.

By using such services any company which is in the B2B world can make sure its sales team can focus on what is really important, which is selling the company’s offerings.

Furthermore, companies like “The Middle Block” can assure that you will receive much better data that what your workers can generate for you, and most importantly at a very low cost, bringing into sales the concept of “Work Smarter, Not Harder”.

In conclusion, instead of assigning your workers to do hard and abrasive work, in some cases it’s better to use professional services to get better results in any parameter.

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Last modified: June 12, 2020 1:54 PM UTC

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