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Madison Beer Is Yet Another Half-Baked Influencer We Need To Cancel

Madison Beer Is Yet Another Half-Baked Influencer We Need To Cancel
  • Madison Beer said that “Lolita” was a “romantic story.”
  • The Nabokov novel is an indictment of older men who have inappropriate relationships with young girls.
  • Beer backtracked — but she needs to stay canceled.

Madison Beer is canceled.

The singer — who first rose to popularity thanks to Justin Bieber — said that she found the story of “Lolita” romantic. Almost immediately, social media rushed to cancel her.

And though Beer backtracked, she needs to stay canceled.

Madison Beer Needs New Heroes

You can blame Justin Bieber for the Madison Beer disaster.

Beer first rose to popularity after Bieber tweeted a photo of her album cover in 2012.

Since then, Beer has developed into an “influencer.” Because, apparently, the world doesn’t have enough of those…

And Beer used her “influence” to say she “romanticized” the relationship depicted in the classic Vladimir Nabokov novel, “Lolita.”

For those who skipped literature class, “Lolita” is an indictment of an inappropriate relationship between a middle-aged professor and a 12-year-old girl.

And it took no time at all for Madison Beer to get canceled.

She Later Backtracked

Once she realized she getting canceled — #MadisonBeerIsOverParty was trending on Twitter earlier this morning — Madison Beer took to her Twitter to backtrack on her statement.

You didn’t sound like you “misspoke” before, Madison Beer. | Source: Twitter

But, like most influencers, she’s not interested in learning and being better. She just wants attention.

Initially, Beer tried to justify her “Lolita” statement by saying she also romanticizes Hannibal Lecter. Lecter, as we all know thanks to “Silence of the Lambs,” is a psychopathic serial killer. Yikes.

Yikes, Madison Beer. Just YIKES. | Source: Twitter

And it gets worse.

Recently, Beer was accused of “performative activism.” Her followers said she used the #BlackLivesMatter protests for publicity.

And though Beer denied it, the evidence spoke for itself.

Influencer culture is toxic. It’s also a lot less profitable than its “influencers” claim it is. And romanticizing a “Lolita” relationship is a new low.

Madison Beer can’t feign ignorance this time. Her “cancellation” needs to stick.

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