***Live Updates*** Off-Year Election Results | Breitbart

***Live Updates*** Off-Year Election Results | Breitbart

Voters will cast ballots in key off-year elections tonight. Republicans will try to win gubernatorial races in Kentucky and Mississippi after Trump campaigned in both states for Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin and Mississippi gubernatorial candidate Tate Reeves. In Virginia, Democrats are seeking to flip the state legislature to take control of all levers in a key 2020 state.

Stay tuned to Breitbart News throughout the evening for live updates of all of the key results.

All times eastern.

12:05 AM: Trump weighs in on Kentucky/Mississippi results:

Congratulations to @tatereeves on winning Governor of the Great State of Mississippi. Our big Rally on Friday night moved the numbers from a tie to a big WIN. Great reaction under pressure Tate!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 6, 2019

A lot of winning in Kentucky. Check out the numbers. https://t.co/xcXIzIwylg

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 6, 2019

#ElectionNight Won 5 out of 6 elections in Kentucky, including 5 great candidates that I spoke for and introduced last night. @MattBevin picked up at least 15 points in last days, but perhaps not enough (Fake News will blame Trump!). Winning in Mississippi Governor race!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 6, 2019

11:45 PM: Affirmative Action referendum in Washington State narrowly losing by about 9,000 votes (409,410 for; 418,687 against):

NEW: Washington voters were narrowly rejecting Referendum 88 to reinstate affirmative action after a 20-year ban – https://t.co/nNEQalUiOn #waelex #waleg #election2019

— Joseph O’Sullivan (@OlympiaJoe) November 6, 2019

11:40 PM: Bevin not conceding:

Gov. Matt Bevin says he is NOT conceding. @LEX18News pic.twitter.com/2Ma0QW6bfR

— Karolina Buczek (@Karolina_Buczek) November 6, 2019

11:35 PM: Tonight’s results could help Biden as Democrats decide which candidate they want to take on Trump:

Biden also told the Pittsburg crowd that he has already called the new Virginia Senate leader tonight. Per @mikememoli, Biden has also called Kentucky Gov. Elect Andy Beshear to congratulate him.

— Marianna Sotomayor (@MariannaNBCNews) November 6, 2019

11:00 PM: Mississippi: Reeves (R) projected to win gubernatorial race.

BULLETIN (AP) — Tate Reeves, GOP, elected Governor, Mississippi. #mselex #MSGov #APRaceCall

— Jeff Amy (@jeffamy) November 6, 2019

10:35 PM: NYC adopts ranked-choice voting:

New York City has overwhelming voted to adopt ranked-choice voting for city offices in 2021, per @erinmdurkin. Will easily be the largest elections in the country to use the system https://t.co/VXD5Y4FFfG

— Zach Montellaro (@ZachMontellaro) November 6, 2019

10:30 PM: Reeves on his way to what should be a win in Mississippi:

In the race for governor of #Mississippi (where incumbent Republican Phil Bryant is term limited), Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves (R) leads Atty. Gen. Jim Hood (D) by 14,000 votes — 52-47% — with 44% of the vote counted.

— Ken Rudin (@kenrudin) November 6, 2019

10:20 PM: Beshear declaring victory:

Thank you, Kentucky! pic.twitter.com/mmMb7ekyK5

— Andy Beshear (@AndyBeshearKY) November 6, 2019

Governor-elect Andy Beshear declaring victory over Matt Bevin from his headquarters in Louisville. Unofficial results have Beshear with 4,663 votes more than Gov. Bevin. pic.twitter.com/d8eMFIK7t3

— WDKY Fox 56 (@FoxLexington) November 6, 2019

9:55 PM: Dems flip Virginia legislature. Now control government in Virginia. See results here.

Democrats have secured total control in Richmond—the governorship and both chambers of the General Assembly—for the first time since 1993. https://t.co/6BF3pBflX1

— Ally Mutnick (@allymutnick) November 6, 2019

9:35 PM: MSNBC calls for Beshear:

BREAKING on MSNBC: @NBCNews calls Kentucky governor’s race for Democrat Andy Beshear over Republican incumbent Matt Bevin.

— Evan Rosenfeld (@Evan_Rosenfeld) November 6, 2019

9:00 PM: VIRGINIA: Dems celebrating taking back Senate.

Virginia Democrats have officially flipped the State Senate, where they will hold the majority for the first time since 1998.

This is the first time the full VA Senate has been up since Trump was elected. Hard not to hear the people’s voice tonight.#flipvablue #takethemajority https://t.co/Bjtj3jipZm

— Ethan Todras-Whitehill (@etwhitehill) November 6, 2019

8:40 PM: Kentucky:

Kentucky Governor Race (95% reporting)

Andy Beshear (D) 670,304 49.5%
Matt Bevin (R) 656,876 48.5%

— David P Gelles (@gelles) November 6, 2019

8:20 PM: One projection for Beshear though the race is still too close to call:

With 83 percent of precincts in:

Beshear, Andy (D) 609,695 50%
Bevin, Matt (R) 576,527 48%
Hicks, John (L) 25,102 2%

— LEX 18 News (@LEX18News) November 6, 2019

I’ve seen enough. Projection: Andy Beshear (D) has defeated Gov. Matt Bevin (R) in #KYGOV.

— Dave Wasserman (@Redistrict) November 6, 2019

Trump’s approval rating is quite high in KY. The state is trending red even on the state level… And yet, here we are with Beshear more than holding his own. Bevin is a bad politician and Beshear is a good one… Candidates matter.

— (((Harry Enten))) (@ForecasterEnten) November 6, 2019

8:15 PM: Cameron wins AG race. Gubernatorial race too close to call. Trump on Monday predicted a star will be born after praising Cameron.

Daniel Cameron is Kentucky’s first African-American attorney general and the first Republican to hold the post in more than 70 years. https://t.co/Eut0fgYIdM

— Jennifer Palumbo (@JenNimePalumbo) November 6, 2019

8:00 PM: Polls closed in Mississippi.

7:50 PM:

Madison Co. 100% reporting: Bevin (R) needed to win it by 5% per my benchmarks. Beshear (D) won it by 0.3%. More great news for Beshear. And, turnout much higher than 2015. #KYGOV

— Dave Wasserman (@Redistrict) November 6, 2019

35.31% Precincts Reporting

Matt Bevin (R) 260,155 (52.37%)

Andy Beshear (D) 226,183 (45.53%)

John Hicks (Lib) 10,449 (2.10%)

FULL RESULTS: https://t.co/KexgvYKR8f #kygov #kyelect pic.twitter.com/MhykQ7tO3h

— WKYT (@WKYT) November 6, 2019

7:25 PM: Bevin 51.2, Beshear 46.7 with 25% reporting.

Larue Co. 100% in: Bevin (R) wins it by 23%, my benchmarks said he needed to win it by 20%. So far Bevin doing well in central KY but underperforming in eastern/coal/burbs.

— Dave Wasserman (@Redistrict) November 6, 2019

7:00 PM: Polls closed in Virginia.

BREAKING NEWS New numbers in from the voter registrar in Virginia Beach. As of 5pm 96,000 people have voted compared to 63,000 in 2015 when the entire General Assembly was up for election. That is 32% and climbing. @WAVY_News

— Andy Fox (@AndyFoxWAVY) November 5, 2019

First complete county: Nicholas. Beshear (D) wins it by 1%, but my benchmarks said he prob needed to win it by 4% to win. Still extremely early. #KYGOV

— Dave Wasserman (@Redistrict) November 5, 2019

6:45 PM: Polls in states like Virginia and Kentucky will completely close at the top of the hour:

Some very early returns in Kentucky.

Election Update

Kentycky Governor Election

(R) Matt Bevin 11,469 (51.5%)

(D) Andy Beshear 10,605 (47.1%)

(L) John Hicks 307 1.3%)

— GovSight (@GovSight1) November 5, 2019

We’re proud to support @SpeakerCox and our Republican majorities in the House and Senate!

Polls are open until 7pm. Get out and vote!

Find your polling place ▶️ https://t.co/9VCQtWPGNg pic.twitter.com/O6r6nGjE8s

— Virginia GOP (@VA_GOP) November 5, 2019

Polls close at 6:00 local time…

Vote for a brighter future for Kentucky!

✅Pro-2nd Amendment
✅Pro-America 🇺🇸

Vote ⁦@MattBevinpic.twitter.com/uHyJHRcmqo

— Matt Bevin (@MattBevin) November 5, 2019

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