***Live Updates*** Iowa Caucuses

***Live Updates*** Iowa Caucuses

Iowans will go their caucus locations to kick off the 2020 presidential election as Democrats desperately try to find a candidate who can beat President Donald Trump.

Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates. All times eastern.


Sorry I was right. RIP caucuses. And after the GOP fiasco of 2012, Iowa probably shouldn’t even try. #iacaucus https://t.co/0mE6uIVWIT

— David Yepsen (@DavidYepsen) February 4, 2020

1:47 AM: Biden campaign manager: “Tonight was a great night for us.”

Tonight was a great night for us. We are thrilled with our performance across the state. We believe we will emerge with the delegates we need to continue on our path to make Joe Biden the Democratic nominee. pic.twitter.com/xiHrYsRfmF

— Greg Schultz (@schultzohio) February 4, 2020

1:26 AM:

Iowa county Democratic party chairman to me on the future of the caucuses:

“There were 49 other states saying why does Iowa get to do this?… And now we just poured a gallon on kerosene on what was a shouldering ember.”

— Alex Seitz-Wald (@aseitzwald) February 4, 2020

1:22 AM: Sanders campaign releases its IA numbers:

New: ⁦@BernieSanders⁩ campaign has now released their internal caucus numbers pic.twitter.com/pPCFGBHV4b

— Hanna Trudo (@HCTrudo) February 4, 2020

1:15 AM: Yang:

It might be helpful to have a President and government that understand technology so this sort of thing doesn’t happen.

— Andrew Yang (@AndrewYang) February 4, 2020

1:05 AM:

They did not expect the phone hold times, and were anxious to get their results in. So his county executive director took pictures of their results pages on her phone and drove them over to the Iowa Democratic Party headquarters.

But when she got there, she was turned away.

— Nick Corasaniti (@NYTnickc) February 4, 2020

12:50 AM: Marianne:

Did Pete Buttigieg just claim victory in Iowa when the results haven’t been announced yet?

— Marianne Williamson (@marwilliamson) February 4, 2020

12:45 AM:

Somebody finished fourth tonight. For that candidate, this reporting delay is like waking up to snowstorm on the day of a test you forgot to study for.

— Brian Fallon (@brianefallon) February 4, 2020

12:35 AM: Buttigieg opening himself up to mockery:

Buttigieg is speaking with four black women behind him pic.twitter.com/6RcpvgYWNF

— Nolan D. McCaskill (@NolanDMcCaskill) February 4, 2020

I understand the value of the optics of placing more black voters behind Buttigieg given how he has struggled with the black vote. But putting six (more?) in a row on the first row — in Iowa — may just draw more questions & suspicions than change minds.

— Eugene Scott (@Eugene_Scott) February 4, 2020

* Pete Buttigieg polling at or near 0% with Black people”

Campaign staff: “Okay, so here’s what we’re going to do…” pic.twitter.com/XaPLL1gn2P

— Erick Fernandez (@ErickFernandez) February 4, 2020

12:30 AM:

Democratic campaign staffers tell me the Iowa Democrats hung up on them during a conference call intended for updates about results.

The Iowa Dems have not returned my request for comment

— Maura Barrett (@MauraBarrettNBC) February 4, 2020

12:27 AM: Warren camp thinks Biden a “distant fourth.”

.@ewarren‘s campaign manager @RogerLau: “Every single second that passes that we don’t get a result, I think it’s concerning.”

But he said he’s confident Warren, Buttigieg and Sanders are close at the top.

“I believe the VP’s a distant 4th based on the at a we have.”

— Jess Bidgood (@jessbidgood) February 4, 2020

12:23 AM: Buttigieg says Iowa has “shocked the nation” even though they do not know all of the results because, “by all indications, we are going on to New Hampshire victorious.” Everybody claims a “win.”

The official results as Pete Buttigieg declares himself victorious in Iowa: pic.twitter.com/isUMd4lxgM

— Steve Kornacki (@SteveKornacki) February 4, 2020

12:21 AM: Warren:

“Tonight is for every undocumented, unafraid organizer and volunteer who proudly knocked on doors to let the world know that the path to progress runs through courage, not fear.” @ewarren. #IowaCaucuses #iowacaucus2020

— Jonathan Jayes-Green (@JayesGreenJ) February 4, 2020

12:10 AM: Van Jones says Iowa gave Joe Biden a “lifeline.”

11:59 PM: Bloomberg in California during Iowa caucuses:

CBS News asked @MikeBloomberg — who is campaigning in California during the Iowa Caucuses — about his feud with President Trump, and whether people want to see two billionaires fighting on Twitter.

Bloomberg: “Two billionaires? Who’s the second one?” pic.twitter.com/UYGENHauKw

— CBS News (@CBSNews) February 4, 2020

11:58 PM:

Has anyone blamed Russia yet? #IowaCaucuses #2020

— Joel B. Pollak (@joelpollak) February 4, 2020

Some folks will assume the Russians are involved here …

— Jennifer Granholm (@JenGranholm) February 4, 2020

11:52 PM: Yang now on stage:

DSM – @AndrewYang takes the stage. “We saw that tens of thousands of Iowans realize that the economy is transforming around them in profound ways.” pic.twitter.com/B7YCwueEkE

— Ben Pu (@BenPu_nbc) February 4, 2020

11:50 PM:

Big WIN for us in Iowa tonight. Thank you!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 4, 2020

11:45 PM: Sanders now taking the stage, says “today marks the beginning of the end of the Donald Trump, the most dangerous president in modern American history.”

“When those results are announced, I have a good feeling. We’re going to be doing very very well.” –@BernieSanders at his Iowa Caucus Party. pic.twitter.com/bONUvkc3Go

— Averi Harper (@AveriHarper) February 4, 2020

11:37 PM:

Biden camp, in letter to state party, demanding info before results are released publicly > pic.twitter.com/oTFD4pOngj

— Gabriel Debenedetti (@gdebenedetti) February 4, 2020

11:32 PM: Flashback to ballot-counting during 2012 Iowa GOP caucuses that screwed Santorum out of getting a “win” in the critical news cycles right after.

11:31 PM: Biden trying his best to look like a winner on stage. Warren trying to bigfoot him. Cable networks airing Biden.

Warren: “It’s too close to call.”
Warren supporter: “You won!” #IACaucus pic.twitter.com/WNE0CM0xt4

— Liz Plank (@feministabulous) February 4, 2020

At her Iowa caucus party, Warren references Trump’s State of the Union speech tomorrow: “Next year, our union will be stronger than ever when that one man is replaced by a very persistent woman.”

— Joseph Ax (@josephax) February 4, 2020

11:27 PM: MSNBC Has Biden #1 on Its Board:

Biden is still #1 on the MSNBC leaderboard with zero percent in. Why?

— Christina Reynolds (@creynoldsnc) February 4, 2020

NEW: Executives at MSNBC’s parent company, Comcast, have given 94% of their Democratic primary contributions to Joe Biden. https://t.co/WVyopAizTS

— Sludge (@Sludge) January 29, 2020

1:26 PM: New statement from IA Dems. Looks like they will have to use “photos of results and a paper trail” to validate results.

New Iowa Dem Party statement: Found inconsistencies in some results, “this is simply a reporting issue.” pic.twitter.com/jbJcvYLMmg

— Reid Wilson (@PoliticsReid) February 4, 2020

1:25 PM: Biden preparing to get on camera as well:

Being told Joe Biden will be speaking soon…

— Rick Klein (@rickklein) February 4, 2020

11:20 PM: Tomorrow morning?

“I have the information with me, and I will call it in tomorrow morning.” – Des Moines County (eastern Iowa) party chair, on air with us.

— Scott Detrow (@scottdetrow) February 4, 2020

11:19 PM: Klobuchar first on television. She says her heart is full because she is punching above her weight despite not knowing the final results.

11:15 PM: Sanders campaign prepared for worst-case scenarios:

Just as an FYI, Bernie’s people planned for this and developed their own app for logging results. Assuming the precinct captains are inputting information, Bernie’s camp should have accurate numbers even if no one else does. https://t.co/OkeXQr2tI4

— Zach Hammer (@zachhammer) February 4, 2020

11:13 PM: Broad coalition for Sanders:

This is in a working-class precinct of West Des Moines. Bernie Sanders leads initial count: https://t.co/XuGAc5QmwV

— Iowa Starting Line (@IAStartingLine) February 4, 2020

Des Moines Precinct 18 has a sizable number of African American voters. Sanders leads https://t.co/VQdGfp2gQi

— Iowa Starting Line (@IAStartingLine) February 4, 2020

11:05 PM:

First announcement at Buttigieg’s caucus night party: “If you are the driver of a silver Mercedes, please move your vehicle from the sidewalk or it will be towed.”

— Henry J. Gomez (@HenryJGomez) February 4, 2020

11:01 PM: Critics pouncing…

The whole idea of the caucus has failed to meet the viability threshold. #IowaCaucuses @CNN @AC360 #CNNElection pic.twitter.com/6JU0zBRg9x

— Van Jones (@VanJones68) February 4, 2020

Thank you Iowa for making the best case against Iowa. https://t.co/xVIGufOsV9

— Philippe Reines (@PhilippeReines) February 4, 2020

David Plouffe on MSNBC: “We may be witnessing the last Iowa caucus.”

— Alex Seitz-Wald (@aseitzwald) February 4, 2020

For Democratic staffers, criticizing the Iowa caucus has long been a third rail. We know it needs to change, but we’re too afraid to say it publicly.

That needs to stop. This process doesn’t reflect our party and it doesn’t reflect what we want our democracy to be.

Speak up!

— Corey Ciorciari (@CoreyCiorciari) February 4, 2020

10:55 PM: Joel at Biden HQ: “Upbeat but subdued.”

10:25 PM: IA Dem. Party reportedly still doing “quality control.”

In second alignment, @PeteButtigieg picks up 31, @amyklobuchar picks up 27, @ewarren picks up 21, @BernieSanders picks up 16. Warren wins overall with 33%; Bernie has 23%; Pete has 21%; Amy has 19%. Just one precinct, one Warren visited personally, but tells a story #IowaCaucuses https://t.co/VZzvTm4aHO

— Joel B. Pollak (@joelpollak) February 4, 2020

10:02 PM:

First alignment at a large Des Moines precinct: 1. Warren 2. Bernie 3. Pete 3. Amy #IowaCaucus #IowaCaucuses https://t.co/p8IYs63AUT

— Joel B. Pollak (@joelpollak) February 4, 2020

Second alignment. 10 minutes for voters who backed ⁦@JoeBiden⁩ and other “non-viable” candidates here to join one of the other groups; band together to support one particular “non-viable” candidate; or go home. Others court the Biden group in the bleachers #IowaCaucus #2020 pic.twitter.com/PQfOdAgrcS

— Joel B. Pollak (@joelpollak) February 4, 2020

9:40 PM:

Joe Biden failed to clear the first alignment threshold here in Precinct 41, Teddy Roosevelt High, Des Moines: Only 71 votes for @JoeBiden, 102 needed #IowaCaucuses #2020

— Joel B. Pollak (@joelpollak) February 4, 2020

With less than 2 minutes to go in the first round, a chanting war erupted in this #IowaCaucus #2020 pic.twitter.com/XZCtRqkds6

— Joel B. Pollak (@joelpollak) February 4, 2020

9:30 PM:

WATCH: Biden camp in Cedar Falls caucus is “not viable.” #IowaCaucuses #Decision2020@trymainelee: “Not a total surprise. But just seems so dim.” pic.twitter.com/a3FJlYlqjL

— NBC News NOW (@NBCNewsNow) February 4, 2020

9:20 PM:

Summary of arguments inside my #IowaCaucus #2020:

– Warren – for child care
– Bernie – stick it to the man
– Yang – keep him in the race
– Amy – she works with GOP
– Steyer – better than Trump
– Bloomberg – ???
– Pete – he’s part of the future
– Biden – he can win#IowaCaucuses

— Joel B. Pollak (@joelpollak) February 4, 2020

“Is there a representative of the Bloomberg campaign…?” #IowaCaucuses #2020 pic.twitter.com/Bx9l16gMHd

— Joel B. Pollak (@joelpollak) February 4, 2020

8:48 PM: Sanders campaign calling Bloomberg an “oligarch.”

Nina Turner calls Mike Bloomberg an “oligarch.”

Is he?

He’s worth $60 billion.
He makes $2 billion a year off that.
He’s using this year’s $2 billion to buy the presidency.
He just bought his way onto debate stage.


— Robert Reich (@RBReich) February 4, 2020

8:42 PM: In late 2003, John Edwards debuted his “two Americas” speech and surged in Iowa. What Yang lacked was a “closing argument” speech in the final days/weeks of the campaign to convince voters who did not think he could win and didn’t want to waste their votes to vote with their hearts. His stump speech basically remained the same. An opportunity missed.

Wow — at large Grinnel U caucus site, CNN is reporting staggering #s…Sanders 44.7….Yang at 7.2, Biden at 3.3

— Brittany L. Shepherd (@blrshepherd) February 4, 2020

8:25 PM: From Joel in Iowa: Warren makes her pitch

8:00 PM: Doors closed and caucuses begin throughout the state.

7:50 PM: Photos from Joel in Iowa:

7:38 PM: CNN’s first entrance poll of early arrivals found that 35% are first-time attendees. There seems to be fewer first-time attendees than in previous election cycles if the entrance poll is correct.

7:30 PM: Joel on the ground in Iowa. Caucuses start at 8 PM ET. Multiple candidates could declare victory at the end of night as Democrats will report the popular vote in addition to the number of delegates each candidate receives.

It’s the #IowaCaucuses! #2020 pic.twitter.com/9lwegiflFs

— Joel B. Pollak (@joelpollak) February 3, 2020

Doors open in Des Moines Pct 56 pic.twitter.com/Tx5PX8csiI

— Iowa Starting Line (@IAStartingLine) February 4, 2020

7:25 PM: FWIW:

the unreleased Des Moines Register poll, according to @claremalone:

Sanders 22 percent
Warren 18 percent
Buttigieg 16 percent
Biden 13 percent https://t.co/2rD2Sa3BFR

— Robinson Meyer (@yayitsrob) February 4, 2020

7:15 PM: Watch out for zombie candidates and technical difficulties:

Some former Democratic presidential candidates could still win votes and make an impact on Iowa’s caucuses. https://t.co/aVw97zM1kP

— ABC News Politics (@ABCPolitics) February 3, 2020

Mobile app errors could delay Iowa Caucus results https://t.co/tCUhr1AlEt pic.twitter.com/q698guRAj6

— The Verge (@verge) February 4, 2020

7:10 PM: Activists making “cages” an issue:

Today caucus-goers in Iowa woke up to more than a dozen kids in cages all over the city of Des Moines.

We came to remind people that this remains a reality & that the issue cannot be pushed under the rug.

🚨 #DontLookAway this is a humanitarian crisis.🚨#IowaCaucus pic.twitter.com/munyjrXdIS

— RAICES (@RAICESTEXAS) February 3, 2020

7:05 PM: Sounds confident…

After making a surprise stop at one of his Des Moines field offices today, @JoeBiden told reporters his campaign is “going to survive all the way through the whole thing” even if he doesn’t win the Iowa caucuses tonight. pic.twitter.com/MaJUeqcRi0

— Marianna Sotomayor (@MariannaNBCNews) February 3, 2020

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