***Live Updates*** George Floyd Protests Continue

***Live Updates*** George Floyd Protests Continue

George Floyd protests continue on Wednesday.

Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates. All times Eastern.

Make us all safe. Go back to your bunker. #BlackLivesMatter https://t.co/H3TXduhlY4

— Mayor Jenny Durkan (@MayorJenny) June 11, 2020

A man who is totally incapable of governing should stay out of Washington state’s business. “Stoop” tweeting. https://t.co/O6i04qmZ9v

— Jay Inslee (@JayInslee) June 11, 2020

12:20 AM: Moment of Silence on Korn Ferry Tour as well.

Brooks Koepka said the PGA Tour is going the right thing with its 8:46 a.m. moment of silence to remember George Floyd. “Being especially one of the first sports back, it’s important to set the tone going forward for other sports, for just people in… https://t.co/3L4o2kCw1S

— Todd Archer (@toddarcher) June 10, 2020

12:10 AM:

.@JoeBiden on Donald Trump:

“We’re calling out every lie he in fact is saying. We’re calling out and making the case this guy is not a good guy.”


— Kamau M. Marshall (@KamauMandela) June 11, 2020

11:45 PM: Arizona:

Crowd now sitting at Fifth Street and Monroe. Speaker decrying Trump advisor Larry Kudlow for saying he doesn’t think systemic racism exists in the U.S. Commends NASCAR for banning Confederate flag. pic.twitter.com/5UxuNPSDaU

— Perry Vandell 🌵 (@PerryVandell) June 11, 2020

Marchers now being led by a man with drums. pic.twitter.com/2E9azinYRu

— Perry Vandell 🌵 (@PerryVandell) June 11, 2020

11:30 PM:

Radical Left Governor @JayInslee and the Mayor of Seattle are being taunted and played at a level that our great Country has never seen before. Take back your city NOW. If you don’t do it, I will. This is not a game. These ugly Anarchists must be stooped IMMEDIATELY. MOVE FAST!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 11, 2020

Gov. Inslee on so-called “autonomous zone” on Capitol Hill:

“That’s news to me”. pic.twitter.com/L3LT86Zxgq

— Rebecca Perry (@Rebecca_Perry) June 10, 2020

11:25 PM: Richmond, VA:

BREAKING: The Jefferson Davis statue on Richmond’s Monument Avenue has been pulled down. This is a developing story. pic.twitter.com/8onqzfaOjl

— WTVR CBS 6 Richmond (@CBS6) June 11, 2020

So Richmond’s statues of 🚨Jefferson Davis🚨- former president of the Confederacy – has been ripped out and is now sitting 20 ft away on the street @CourthouseNews pic.twitter.com/LWyKioO4vG

— BK (@BradKutner) June 11, 2020


— Zach Joachim (@ZachJoachim) June 11, 2020

11:10 PM: White House fence:

Fence is starting to get dismantled: pic.twitter.com/bLDfiXZtEM

— Abdallah Fayyad (@abdallah_fayyad) June 11, 2020

Chants are breaking out as crews remove the fence in front of the White House @wusa9 pic.twitter.com/WCXvnIQc1m

— Kolbie Satterfield (@KolbieReports) June 11, 2020

11:00 PM:

Coronavirus Australia: Black Lives Matter protest attendee in Melbourne contracts COVID-19 https://t.co/vMmw5IxS1k

— Cameron Emerson (@noremaco) June 11, 2020

10:50 PM: Portland, OR:

New chant: BLACK LIVES ARE EVERYTHING pic.twitter.com/ZgL226doSZ

— Karina Brown (@karinapdx) June 11, 2020

10:30 PM:

Forcia, with the advocacy group American Indian Movement, said after the statue was removed that the State Patrol told him he would be arrested in the coming days and charged with criminal damage to property. “I’m willing to take that,” he said.

— Jessie Van Berkel (@jessvanb) June 11, 2020

#BREAKING: Someone was injured after protesters ripped off parts of the Confederate monument on Court Street in #Portsmouth Wednesday night, police confirmed. https://t.co/kC4OdVOsm1

— WTKR News 3 (@WTKR3) June 11, 2020

President of @BLM757 describes what he saw of the incident. He says afterwords you could see part of the mans skull. He is Asking everyone to pray for the man who believes was in his 30s @WAVY_News pic.twitter.com/Lh5vQSVtOX

— Brett Hall (@BrettHNews) June 11, 2020

9:50 PM: Seattle:

DAY AFTER: Some are wondering if anything will happen to those who orchestrated the City Hall takeover last night and marched inside. Here’s what @SeattlePD is saying. #seattle #seattleprotests #seattleprotest #CityHall pic.twitter.com/qrB8YVV91U

— Jonathan Choe Journalist KOMO News (@choeshow) June 11, 2020

Lots of dialogue, art, remembrance, and calls for continued change in the new #CHAZ on Capitol Hill. #komonews pic.twitter.com/Khd0rjlTy3

— Eric Jensen (@EricJensenTV) June 11, 2020

9:45 PM:

Forcia, with the advocacy group American Indian Movement, said after the statue was removed that the State Patrol told him he would be arrested in the coming days and charged with criminal damage to property. “I’m willing to take that,” he said.

— Jessie Van Berkel (@jessvanb) June 11, 2020

45 minutes ago: with the statue gone, the Troopers retreated back into the area of the #Minnesota Capitol building.

People celebrated and took selfies with the remaining #ChristopherColumbus commemorative plaque and bare pedestal. pic.twitter.com/7LX75CUs70

— Unicorn Riot (@UR_Ninja) June 11, 2020

People dance around the statue. pic.twitter.com/6gIPTe9nBs

— Max Nesterak (@maxnesterak) June 10, 2020

A state trooper looks upon the fallen Christopher Columbus statue on the Minnesota State Capitol grounds in St. Paul this afternoon. pic.twitter.com/FFKZaeKLap

— Tony Webster (@webster) June 11, 2020

9:30 PM:

Just one month ago A&E ordered 160 new episodes (!!) of the police reality show “Live P.D.” Today, the network canceled the series.

— Alex Weprin (@alexweprin) June 11, 2020

9:15 PM: Portsmouth, VA

All four have been beheaded tonight pic.twitter.com/uMRKFziPYb

— Saleen Martin (@Saleen_Martin) June 11, 2020

Before vs. after pic.twitter.com/LTnS95cNKi

— Saleen Martin (@Saleen_Martin) June 11, 2020

9:05 PM: D.C.

Crews are working on taking the down the fence that surrounds White House grounds. This was put up once protests centered around the area. @wusa9 pic.twitter.com/alCos7g2mR

— Kolbie Satterfield (@KolbieReports) June 10, 2020

WATCH: The fencing around the White House begins to be removed pic.twitter.com/Klz1jhX9GX

— The Hill (@thehill) June 11, 2020

8:55 PM:

Interestingly and not at all irrelevant is this incredible passage. White liberals decide unanimously to expel the schools police. The black students who love the black police officer are crushed: pic.twitter.com/t31FD6SRyE

— Thomas Chatterton Williams 🌍 🎧 (@thomaschattwill) June 10, 2020

8:45 PM:

Anytime Fitness location under fire for mocking George Floyd with “I Can’t Breathe” workout routine https://t.co/tECf7AFlfB pic.twitter.com/cRA9DtA0nD

— CBS News (@CBSNews) June 11, 2020

story has been updated to reflect the happenings of today: SF Public Work paints over rock, artists repaint, Public Works apologizes and says they will not paint over it again https://t.co/hElKTDslqW

— madeline wells (@madwells22) June 9, 2020

8:30 PM: Boston:

March from Nubian Square in Roxbury to City Hall. Demonstrators say they want to defund the @bostonpolice & fund the community. @7News pic.twitter.com/olpkcG19ik

— Amaka Ubaka (@AmakaUbakaTV) June 10, 2020

Huge crowd chanting “Defund the police! Shut it down!” #bostonprotest https://t.co/gwwWgRRQgw pic.twitter.com/0TXl11wZ6h

— Chloe Liu (@cllqychloeliu) June 10, 2020

For context re: crowd size pic.twitter.com/nJxFxagZcv

— Vernal (@VernalColeman) June 10, 2020

#BlackLivesMatter #DefundThePolice protest has made it to Boston City Hall. #WBZ pic.twitter.com/l8Awj8GghA

— Kristina Rex (@KristinaRex) June 10, 2020

7:45 PM: New York:

Almost 360-degree view of the massive crowd at Grand Army Plaza. #bikenyc #BlackLivesMatter pic.twitter.com/Z8mQFG00VS

— Doug Gordon (@BrooklynSpoke) June 10, 2020

JUST IN: Police say someone fired shots at officers in Queens. The investigation is ongoing. https://t.co/tEcV0rxGTZ

— CBS New York (@CBSNewYork) June 10, 2020

“Yes, we want you to go out and vote, but we’re also going to give you the tutorial. We’re going to give you the background of how to vote & what they’re trying to do, the other side, to stop you from voting.” – Lebron James to @jmartNYT on his new cause: https://t.co/KPni0czijo

— Rachel Nichols (@Rachel__Nichols) June 10, 2020

News: Over 1,400 players, coaches & GMs across MLB, NBA and NFL sign a letter to Congress from the @playercoalition calling for the end to qualified immunity. List includes @TomBrady @dak @drewbrees @SteveKerr, Gregg Popovich and @EmmittSmith22 https://t.co/sa7Wo2tmO0

— Michael Rothstein (@mikerothstein) June 10, 2020

7:25 PM: Seattle:

#HappeningNow#CHAZ Townhall Meeting occurring outside the abandoned East Precinct. Issues suck as deliveries, trash collection, Medic One access. See live coverage https://t.co/CgP3BB7klS pic.twitter.com/8OXr45RbeL

— Omari Salisbury (@Omarisal) June 10, 2020

The Capital Hill Autonomous Zone, world’s most ambitious anthropological experiment, has received its first warlord. Took only one day for the “monopoly on violence” to be discovered… what will happen next? pic.twitter.com/eFWlQPSumd


7:15 PM: Minnesota:

A long-time Minneapolis union leader proposes seven ways “to loosen the grip of the Minneapolis Police union on the city it is holding hostage”

One idea: have members of the community sit at the bargaining table.https://t.co/GVPIDTXZEh@javimorillo

— Steven Greenhouse (@greenhousenyt) June 10, 2020

The moment the Christopher Columbus statue came crashing down at the Minnesota State Capitol https://t.co/wP1hb1qRlX pic.twitter.com/bucFDAiKxC

— FOX 9 (@FOX9) June 10, 2020

6:59 PM:

NEW: @USATODAY @ipsosus poll finds that the Lafayette Park protests last week were a defining moment for the president and the protests. https://t.co/IEfK2LWykz pic.twitter.com/qf667m7Ecv

— Susan Page (@SusanPage) June 10, 2020

The police crackdown to clear protesters from Lafayette Square last week looms as a defining moment in the national debate over race and law enforcement that followed the death of George Floyd.

An exclusive USA TODAY/Ipsos Poll finds Americans overwhelmingly endorse the right of peaceful protest outside the White House – a view held by nearly 9 of 10 people across racial and partisan lines. Nearly 9 of 10 heard about the clashes that cleared demonstrators before President Donald Trump walked across the square to stand in front of historic St. John’s Church, holding aloft a Bible.

In their wake, Americans by a huge margin, by 22 percentage points, express more trust in the Black Lives Matter movement to promote justice and racial equality than they do in the president of the United States. Former President Barack Obama is more than twice as likely as Trump to be seen as a president who could best handle this moment of civil unrest.

Two-thirds of Americans, 63%, oppose the show of force that swept the protesters from the park just north of the White House, the scene of many demonstrations in the past. Almost half, 44%, say they “strongly” oppose it.

“That was a bad call,” says Aaron Jones, 40, a Republican from Katy, Texas.

There’s a new #BlackLivesMatter sign in front of St. John’s Church near the White House @wusa9 pic.twitter.com/A7vGIdFosC

— Kolbie Satterfield (@KolbieReports) June 10, 2020

March begins to take over streets open to vehicular traffic: pic.twitter.com/b6GmehO27y

— Abdallah Fayyad (@abdallah_fayyad) June 10, 2020

March begins to take over streets open to vehicular traffic: pic.twitter.com/b6GmehO27y

— Abdallah Fayyad (@abdallah_fayyad) June 10, 2020

Word is the fence at Lafayette Square will be removed soon, so people spent the night moving hundreds of posters to under the scaffolding across the street.

The result is a tunnel of protest signs, poetry and artwork documenting police brutality and racism in America. pic.twitter.com/g8GVS49qeG

— Alejandro Alvarez (@aletweetsnews) June 10, 2020

History is being documented right now in the nation’s capital. Curators from @smithsonian @NMAAHC are strolling along the wall of protest art by the White House and discussing which signs to photograph and preserve. pic.twitter.com/3quVyC2yHJ

— Hannah Natanson (@hannah_natanson) June 10, 2020

Must-read: Tens of thousands of rifle and pistol rounds were stored in the D.C. Armory to be used on American citizens in case of emergency. https://t.co/HhpLSuP4XP

— Mara Gay (@MaraGay) June 10, 2020

New York:

Thousands of protesters kneel before they enter Bryant Park. Organizers remind the crowd this is a nonviolent demonstration. @CBSNewYork pic.twitter.com/M3Uq9prZA3

— Ali Bauman (@AliBaumanTV) June 10, 2020

Guy walking his dog on 5th Avenue yelled “Get the fuck off my property!” as protesters took a knee in the street. He then pushed one in his face. One of the protesters recognized him from a similar incident this week pic.twitter.com/AAA763LChs

— Jake Offenhartz (@jangelooff) June 10, 2020

Los Angeles County has advised its residents who’ve recently attended mass protests to quarantine for two weeks and monitor symptoms https://t.co/C763F49Ks2

— CNN (@CNN) June 10, 2020

Bill Miller Sr., publisher and editor of The Missourian, chose a blatantly racist cartoon to support his editorial against defunding the police. His daughters, Managing Editor Susan Miller and Jeanne Miller Wood, resigned in protest. @kmoxnews: https://t.co/oITo6ZOXyH pic.twitter.com/87ZVJiECjB

— Staci D Kramer (@sdkstl) June 10, 2020

Becca Kufrin is defending her Bachelorette fiancé’s ‘tone deaf’ support for cops https://t.co/HmVI8MPGXH

— Vulture (@vulture) June 10, 2020

Remember when the #MeToo movement started and we found out a lot of our favorite men had been trash for years?

We’re about to see the same thing with a lot of our favorite white people.

— michaelharriot (@michaelharriot) June 10, 2020

The statues which fill the halls of Congress should reflect our highest ideals as Americans. Today, I am once again calling for the removal from the U.S. Capitol of the 11 statues representing Confederate soldiers and officials. These statues pay homage to hate, not heritage.

— Nancy Pelosi (@SpeakerPelosi) June 10, 2020

How racist is Donald Trump:

He’s so racist that he plans on having one of his first campaign rallies on June 19th in Tulsa, OK.

If you don’t know — Do some research on #Juneteenth and the racial violence that took place in Oklahoma known as the Tulsa Race Massacre, 1921.

— Kamau M. Marshall (@KamauMandela) June 10, 2020

Trump’s first rally in months will be held on…Juneteenth.

In Tulsa. Home of the single worst incident of racial violence in our country’s history. https://t.co/McPEHbtDCC

— Robert Maguire (@RobertMaguire_) June 10, 2020

…history of Winning, Victory, and Freedom. The United States of America trained and deployed our HEROES on these Hallowed Grounds, and won two World Wars. Therefore, my Administration will not even consider the renaming of these Magnificent and Fabled Military Installations…

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 10, 2020

The @NASCAR season began with Donald Trump as Grand Marshall of the Daytona 500. Tonight in Martinsville VA the 43 car will have a #BlackLivesMatter paint scheme and Confederate Flags will be banned. https://t.co/qS03IoootL

— Ari Rabin-Havt (@AriRabinHavt) June 10, 2020

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