***Live Updates*** Dems Caucus in Nevada

***Live Updates*** Dems Caucus in Nevada

Democrats in Nevada will caucus on Saturday. The caucuses will begin at 3 PM ET.

Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates. All times eastern.

10:25 PM: De Blasio trying to be to Sanders what Mark Ingram is to Lamar Jackson:

Purveyors of Conventional Wisdom are telling us tonight that @BernieSanders can’t be elected President because he’s different. Just like they said about Donald Trump. Just like they said about Barack Obama. The truth: you CAN’T be elected in America today UNLESS you’re different.

— Bill de Blasio (@BilldeBlasio) February 23, 2020

Does no one remember 2004?

We went with the “most electable” Dem.

We didn’t just lose the White House.

We got crushed on the Hill.https://t.co/j6Ml3ZiY4g https://t.co/2mcRfbE2ch

— Rebecca Katz (@RebeccaKKatz) February 23, 2020

10:02 PM: Warren thanks Nevada for keeping her in the fight in Seattle speech. She’s trying her best to look like a “winner” despite not having come close to winning anything yet. She says her support has continued to grow since Wednesday. Warren says Bloomberg is the “riskiest” candidate because he can’t beat Trump.

9:57 PM: Chargers RB who helped get out the vote for Sanders in Nevada.

The mainstream media is realizing they have zero control over this primary and it’s making them lose their shit

— Justin Jackson (@J_ManPrime21) February 23, 2020

9:55 PM: Warren campaign thinks money drying up for Mayor Pete. This is what happens when you run out of max donors.

It appears that Buttigieg’s fundraising is drying up and he may struggle to continue even to Super Tuesday. Klobuchar has no apparent path, but has the cash windfall from NH to hang around.

— Roger Lau (@RogerLau) February 23, 2020

Share of Pete Buttigieg’s fundraising from small dollar donors, over time:

1/1/19 – 3/31/19:

4/1/19 – 6/30/19:

7/1/19 – 9/30/19: 2019:

10/1/19 – 12/31/19:

1/1/20 – 1/31/20:

(% = unitemized contributions / total contributions)

— David Wright (@DavidWright_7) February 23, 2020

9:50 PM: Get these Never Trumper grifters off the air. They offer no value. Both sides detest everything about them. The only thing they know about is what appeals to the 3.8%.

One phenomenon that is going to be annoying is there are a lot of anti-Trump conservatives who’ve been given a big platform the last three years because their anti-Trump take has been interesting. But now these people are being given outsized say in analyzing the Dem primary.

— Brian Fallon (@brianefallon) February 23, 2020

9:00 PM:

The current idea that Sanders was always inevitably winning/heavily favored to win in Nevada does not match this data. https://t.co/sWvvfca7TD

— Shane Goldmacher (@ShaneGoldmacher) February 23, 2020

8:33 PM:

Pete had his shot and missed. His path is gone: he’s running out of money & won’t get a meaningful bump from today. There’s no reason to think he’ll outperform his dismal polling in SC. He got 3% black support today. He’s headed into Super Tuesday with no money and no momentum. https://t.co/QSL4uk53Hf

— Adam Jentleson 🎈 (@AJentleson) February 23, 2020

8:32 PM: Top Bernie supporter tearing up:

I am tearing up just thinking about what it would mean to Americans everywhere–and to the world–to have @BernieSanders as President, fighting for US. I am so ready for that.

— Pramila Jayapal (@PramilaJayapal) February 23, 2020

8:30 PM:

Clear shot at Culinary Union leadership, Sanders thanks “rank-and-file union members” in Nevada.

And can you blame him? #NevadaCaucus

— Domenico Montanaro (@DomenicoNPR) February 23, 2020

8:29 PM:

.@PeteButtigieg, you clearly don’t understand the movement @BernieSanders has built. It reflects the true values + hope of working people in America. They simply want a country that puts working people first. Your critique tonight speaks for the American elite, not the majority

— Bill de Blasio (@BilldeBlasio) February 23, 2020

8:20 PM: Sanders says in San Antonio that he is going to win the Democratic primary in Texas. Sanders says Trump gets upset easily so “don’t tell him we are going to beat him here in Texas.” He says his campaign and supporters won the popular vote in Iowa, won the New Hampshire primary, and now won the Nevada caucus. He talks about the multi-generational and multi-racial coalition that won in Nevada and will “sweep this country.”

Sanders calls for more Latino and African American teachers and he says no teacher should make less than $60,000/year.

He spoke in El Paso earlier.

“We can win the Democratic nomination.”

Bernie Sanders held a rally in Texas as the #NevadaCaucus trickled in, projecting him as the winner pic.twitter.com/oUw3rqSD5n

— QuickTake by Bloomberg (@QuickTake) February 23, 2020

8:15 PM: Potential big advantage for Sanders:

My quick thoughts on why Sanders won big with Latinos in #Nevada:

1) 2016 lesson: campaign saw it did well with young Latinos & invested in strategy for 2020
2) Young Latinos stayed loyal
3) Biden didn’t want to address Obama admin legacy on deportations until way too late

— Julio Ricardo Varela (@julito77) February 23, 2020

4) Populism politics has appeal
5) Progressive streak of Latinos is a thing for a sector of that electorate
6) Sanders has consistently polled well with Latino voters for a while now

— Julio Ricardo Varela (@julito77) February 23, 2020

Be ready for this strategy to transfer over to states like CA, TX, CO and AZ

— Julio Ricardo Varela (@julito77) February 23, 2020

8:03 PM: Buttigieg speaks. He doesn’t declare victory tonight. Good advance work with placement of the “Text Pete…” that is clearly visible. He gives a shout out to Dreamers in Spanish and says his campaign belongs to them too.

He congratulates Sanders on a “strong showing.” But he asks Democrats to take a “sober look” at what is at stake when thinking about potentially rushing to nominate Sanders to run against Trump. He says Sanders believes in an inflexible revolution that leaves out Democrats and most Americans.

8:02 PM: Biden’s new lines of attack:

Biden with a smile: I’m not a socialist, and I’m not a plutocrat, I’m a Democrat, and I’m proud of it.

— Asma Khalid (@asmamk) February 23, 2020

Biden swipes at Bernie Sanders, saying he was proud to be Obama’s VP and adding: “And I promise you, I wasn’t talking about running in the Democratic primary against him in 2012. I was working my heart out.”

— Eric Bradner (@ericbradner) February 23, 2020

7:55 PM:

As we all expected … Nevada was the first caucus to be called. Take that, Iowa!

— Zach Montellaro (@ZachMontellaro) February 23, 2020

7:35 PM:

The @BernieSanders rebellion was strong in 2016, and that momentum never stopped.

There is a lot of pain in this country that doesn’t get talked about enough. Bernie has always been consistent in speaking to that pain, and that’s powerful.#NevadaCaucuses @CNN pic.twitter.com/ummPXyjvd4

— Van Jones (@VanJones68) February 23, 2020

7:33 PM:

NBC News has now projected Bernie Sanders the winner of the Nevada caucuses

— Steve Kornacki (@SteveKornacki) February 23, 2020

7:32 PM: Biden dropping a “y’all” in Nevada and says they are going to South Carolina and “we’re going to take it back.” Biden has a terrible team of advisers. He should be saying black voters, who have always been the heart and soul of the Dem. Party, will finally get to decide who gets the nomination. And make this about their votes counting the most in South Carolina and Super Tuesday. Instead, he’s rambling and listing off local politicians that nobody outside of Nevada cares about. He’s wasting air time for something he could do at the end.

Biden finally says he is going to win in South Carolina and go on to Super Tuesday.

7:30 PM: Trump wants Bernie:

Looks like Crazy Bernie is doing well in the Great State of Nevada. Biden & the rest look weak, & no way Mini Mike can restart his campaign after the worst debate performance in the history of Presidential Debates. Congratulations Bernie, & don’t let them take it away from you!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 22, 2020

7:20 PM: Biden decides to stay in Vegas when he has to win South Carolina. His supporters are cheering for second place.

Now I’m at a Biden event in North Las Vegas. Even though Bernie is currently leading, the crowd cheers for Biden who’s currently in second. #FirstintheWest #NVCaucus

— Nicole Karlis (@nicolekarlis) February 23, 2020

7:18 PM: Warren will hold rally in Seattle.

Already a long line of people waiting for the Elizabeth Warren rally tonight in Seattle. #NBCNews pic.twitter.com/oJaj1RAwgA

— Angela Dallman (@angeladallman) February 22, 2020

7:12 PM: MSNBC, the “left” network that is home for GOP corporatist hacks like Nicolle Wallace and Steve Schmidt who wouldn’t know anything other than conventional wisdom even if it whacked them upside their heads, melting down tonight because of Sanders.

Chris Matthews just compared Bernie’s victory in Nevada to the Nazis taking control of France.

Incredibly offensive thing to say about someone from a family of holocaust survivors. pic.twitter.com/t29L4K4iHm

— Justice Democrats (@justicedems) February 22, 2020

7:05 PM: Klobuchar first to speak. Mentions the late Paul Wellstone, a hero to progressives, and says he wasn’t supposed to win and lets out a nervous and awkward laugh. She says she’s going to win like Wellstone and starts listing off her itinerary. She says a third of Democrats will vote on Super Tuesday and Minnesota is one of those Super Tuesday states.

KLOBUCHAR RALLY: Supporters gathering for a rally in downtown Minneapolis on day of Nevada caucuses. Lt Gov Peggy Flanagan urging volunteers to knock on doors. #klobuchar #politics #minnesota pic.twitter.com/OnwQT6Ihy8

— Richard Reeve (@richardreeve317) February 22, 2020

6:39 PM: Enthusiasm for Sanders in Texas:

An early look at the line to get inside the @BernieSanders rally in San Antonio. This was about 45 minutes before the doors open at 5:00. pic.twitter.com/fA5AXliTTK

— Joey Palacios (@Joeycules) February 22, 2020

6:36 PM:

10% of precincts reporting in #NVCaucus per @edisonresearch

First alignment (popular vote):
Sanders 34%
Biden 17%
Buttigieg 16%
Warren 13%
Klobuchar 10%
Steyer 9%

Final alignment:
Sanders 41%
Biden 19%
Buttigieg 17%
Warren 11%
Klobuchar 8%
Steyer 4%

— Johnny Verhovek (@JTHVerhovek) February 22, 2020

6:30 PM:

This is an amazing graphic. This in theory is Warren, Pete AND Klobuchar’s bases. And they are splitting it perfectly. Just a perfect storm. pic.twitter.com/JhZL0H8Q11

— Addisu Demissie (@ASDem) February 22, 2020

6:20 PM:

Phil Sobutka, a precinct chair from Sun City, Nev., has been calling the Nevada Democratic Party’s results hotline for 15 minutes and keeps getting a busy signal. Here is is trying to report his results. pic.twitter.com/ZkhnPfD7SW

— Reid J. Epstein (@reidepstein) February 22, 2020

6:10 PM: Begala trying his best to paint Sanders as the “establishment.” Good luck with that.

He’s been a mayor, congressman, or senator for 39 years. He’s the Ranking Member of the Senate Budget Committee and former Chair of the Veterans Affairs Committee. And he is now the frontrunner of the Dem party for president. How is he not the establishment? https://t.co/n8Z5aL9oPa

— Paul Begala (@PaulBegala) February 22, 2020

5:47 PM: Mayor Pete Basically Conceding Momentum Is with Sanders:

interestingly timed fundraising missive from Buttigieg campaign: “We can’t afford four more years of the same kind of toxic politics, whether it’s coming from Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders.”

— Rick Klein (@rickklein) February 22, 2020

New Buttigieg fundraising email hits Sanders hard over his response to yesterday’s Russia news.

“It’s telling of the kind of politics we’re in for in Bernie’s vision of the future: More conspiracy theories, more attacks undermining the free press…” pic.twitter.com/CCzzsE3t0j

— Henry J. Gomez (@HenryJGomez) February 22, 2020

5:41 PM:

Here’s how final choice is looking so far: Sanders still has sizable lead, even more so than initial choice #NVCaucus https://t.co/eRtdUPNkXY pic.twitter.com/GzJtcZo7hj

— Kabir Khanna (@kabir_here) February 22, 2020

5:39 PM: There’s going to be a lot of pressure on her to drop out.

Already in Minnesota from Nevada, @amyklobuchar cast her vote today, early, in Minneapolis, a campaign spokesperson tells NBC News. She was joined by her husband John Bessler.

— Amanda Golden (@amandawgolden) February 22, 2020

5:35 PM: Bernie going for KO:

Bernie Sanders being in Texas on the night of the Nevada Caucus is the sign of campaign that wants to lock up the nomination by mid-March

— Dan Pfeiffer (@danpfeiffer) February 22, 2020

5:25 PM: Fox News calls Nevada for Bernie:

With 4% of precincts reporting, Fox has called Nevada for Sanders

— Nicholas Wu (@nicholaswu12) February 22, 2020

5:25 PM: Union workers voted for Sanders.

Fascinating – I asked many @SenSanders supporters about their unions’ concern about Medicare for All. They told me yes, they have good insurance now but what if they lose their jobs? And they have friends and family w/o jobs (NV jobless rate is higher than national average)

— Chris Jansing (@ChrisJansing) February 22, 2020

5:20 PM:Sanders with the early lead as the votes start coming in and establishment “hacks” like Carville don’t know what to do:

As @BernieSanders is primed 4 big #NevadaCaucus victory, @JamesCarville calls for media 2 interfere in 2020 election 2 warn Americans of the “risk” of Sanders.

“I don’t know if us in the media are sufficiently telling people what are the risks that you’re running by doing this” pic.twitter.com/L9bVWrJJ1x

— Jordan (@JordanChariton) February 22, 2020

4:50 PM:

Young voters (under 30) are more likely than any other age group to support a government health care plan that would replace private insurance.

8 in 10 said they do.

Seniors are divided on this with roughly half supporting it and half opposing it.

— Cara Korte (@CaraKorte) February 22, 2020

4:47 PM: Sanders energized in Texas:

We’re running against billionaires and some candidates funded by billionaires, but Trump fears our campaign the most because we have what they don’t. We have an unprecedented movement. Live from El Paso: https://t.co/mApZ7TCCgb

— Bernie Sanders (@BernieSanders) February 22, 2020

4:45 PM:

Half of the 4 precincts I chaired this morning were determined by cards. Both were small precincts only awarding 1 delegate. #NVCaucus

1 to Pete
1 to Warren pic.twitter.com/P4MydINNfJ

— R. Armstrong (@RossEArmstrong) February 22, 2020

4:25 PM: Union workers not listening to their establishment leaders:

It’s a wipeout at the Bellagio at-large precinct — for Bernie.

Out of 123 caucus attendees, many of them Culinary union members, the final alignment:

Sanders: 76 (=32 delegates)
Biden: 45 (=19 delegates)
Uncommitted: 2 (=0 delegates) pic.twitter.com/CPvwga3AYi

— Matt Pearce (@mattdpearce) February 22, 2020

.@CBSNews Nevada entrance poll:

About a quarter of caucus goers live in union households. On initial preference, @BernieSanders leads with them with more than a third of the vote, followed by @JoeBiden with 19%

— Bo Erickson CBS (@BoKnowsNews) February 22, 2020

Sanders is winning at a number of #NevadaCaucus2020 sites where substantial numbers of Culinary Union members vote.

— John Nichols (@NicholsUprising) February 22, 2020

4:21 PM:

According to @ABC‘s preliminary data on Nevada Caucus entrance polls there was a decline in racial and ethnic minorities. Nonwhites accounted for 35 percent of caucus-goers, compared with 41 percent in 2016.

— Kelsey Walsh (@Kjwalsh_news) February 22, 2020

3:40 PM: Reports of low turnout due to early voting:

This is the gym of Rancho High School in East Las Vegas, a predominantly working class community and which was advertised by the Nevada Dem party as a good site to be at on caucus day. It is apparently a bust due to early voting. https://t.co/PXYWvKS47l

— Ben Pu (@BenPu_nbc) February 22, 2020

3:05 PM: Early entrance polls showing Sanders winning a majority of the Hispanic vote and Biden winning a plurality of the African American vote.

Nevada entrance poll (early vote wave)

Sanders 31%
Buttigieg 18%
Klobuchar 13%
Biden 12%

Sanders 51%
Biden 13%
Buttigieg 10%
Steyer 9%
Warren 8%
Klobuchar 6%

Biden 36%
Sanders 25%
Steyer 13%
Warren 13%
Klobuchar 3%
Buttigieg 2%

— Steve Kornacki (@SteveKornacki) February 22, 2020

2:45 PM: Steyer setting expectations:

Tom Steyer was here. He’s campaigned hard in Nevada. Told me he expects to come second or third in the state. /2

— Tamsin McMahon (@tamsinrm) February 22, 2020

2:35 PM: Caucuses begin at the top of the hour.

Iowa has coin flips, Nevada has a deck of cards for ties:

Breaking a tie with a deck of cards? #NevadaCaucus https://t.co/TGIvC1wCPf

— Andrew Stockey (@astockeyWTAE) February 22, 2020

Incredible energy in the @MandalayBay employee dining room only hours before the #NevadaCaucus is set to begin! Thank you to the staff, volunteers & @Culinary226 for ensuring workers can make their voices heard! pic.twitter.com/t9FUoA6ARy

— Steve Sisolak (@SteveSisolak) February 22, 2020

@Bellagio @Culinary226 Let’s caucus. #FirstInTheWest pic.twitter.com/5SbrGeluw7

— Fellow Americans (@OffTheCouch2020) February 22, 2020

Joe Biden shows up at Cheyenne High School #NVCaucus. @reviewjournal pic.twitter.com/J0W7xRSKwK

— Jeff German (@JGermanRJ) February 22, 2020

What issues are motivating Latino voters in Nevada? Our reporter ⁦@SuzGamboa⁩ is on the ground and has spoken to Latino voters participating in the #NevadaCaucus. Latinos make up 20% of Nevada’s voters. https://t.co/JxgB9keh7M

— NBC Latino (@NBCLatino) February 22, 2020

Pete Buttigieg stopped by Sierra Vista High School in Las Vegas to greet caucus goers ahead of today’s Nevada Caucuses. pic.twitter.com/xviLcWlIrs

— DJ Judd (@DJJudd) February 22, 2020


Heard from a campaign that party officials told them there aren’t enough volunteers to be precinct chairs so they’re asking campaigns to provide them, setting up a conflict of interest (and probably benefits Sanders, who’ll have volunteers everywhere). DM if you’re at a caucus.

— Ryan Grim (@ryangrim) February 22, 2020

The #NVcaucus formally begins at noon pacific, but Sen. @BernieSanders is wheels down in El Paso, TX for the first of four Texas rallies his campaign has scheduled weekend. https://t.co/OTr1sFybJH

— Gary Grumbach (@GaryGrumbach) February 22, 2020

Warren with huge fundraising haul, probably with an assist from Bloomberg:

I want every person who pitches in a few bucks to our campaign to know: I’m deeply grateful for you. Together, we’re building a movement to put power in the hands of the people. Chip in now to keep up the momentum. https://t.co/mjkNrZp4CC https://t.co/dyZ1pUayKf

— Elizabeth Warren (@ewarren) February 22, 2020

Biden still still with zero wins in three presidential runs.

.@JoeBiden tells me win or lose, he’s moving on to Super Tuesday

On Russia: “what I’m surprised about is..why they didn’t tell me & other people what’s going on here”

“Putin doesn’t want me to be the nominee because he knows I know him. He knows I will not take any of his guff” pic.twitter.com/komVnqR39m

— Rachel Scott (@rachelvscott) February 22, 2020

Nevada Dems bragging about registering new Democrats.

NEWS: More than 10,000 Nevadans registered to vote as Democrats during early voting for the #NevadaCaucus – growing our advantage over Republicans again!

This is how we beat Donald Trump and elect Democrats up and down the ticket in 2020.https://t.co/DZW7L7BV7V

— NV Dems (@nvdems) February 22, 2020

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