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Limited Edition Bitcoin Watch Beckons Mt. Gox Remnants

  • Social media entertainer Supercar Blondie has revealed a limited edition bitcoin watch linked to a Mt. Gox wallet.
  • An investigative Redditor followed the clues and wonders whether the owner, possibly a member of the royal family, is linked to the Mt. Gox scandal.
  • This wallet has a cool $17.7 million stored in it.

Popular social media entertainer Alex Hirschi may have opened a whole new can of worms on Monday after she revealed a high-profile bitcoin wallet on Twitter. The catch? This is no ordinary wallet. It is, in fact, a limited edition bitcoin watch created by luxury Swiss watchmaker Franck Muller.

The only functional #bitcoin watch by @FranckMuller 😱#bitcoinwatch #ripple #blockchain #Ethereum #Encrypto #franckmuller #blockchain #ad pic.twitter.com/v1PoDw1sky

— Supercar Blondie (@supercarblondie) December 1, 2019

According to the Twitter thread  and one eagle-eyed Reddit poster, this rose-gold version of the watch is linked to a well-known Mt. Gox wallet. And while cryptocurrency scams are a dime-a-dozen these days, the Mt. Gox scandal is possibly the benchmark by which most others in the industry are measured.

In 2014, the CEO of the now-defunct bitcoin exchange confessed that hackers had made off with approximately 850,000 of its customers’ coins. That scandal continues to this day and perhaps reignites the controversy in light of this latest revelation.

Reddit Sleuth Follows the Trail

Hirschi, also known as Supercar Blondie, is a resident of the UAE and helpfully geo-tagged herself in Abu Dhabi via the Tweet. The car fanatic was likely visiting the southern city of the small Middle Eastern nation to watch Sunday’s Formula One Grand Prix.

What’s more interesting, however, is a report that suggests her visit is no coincidence. Crown princes from both Saudi Arabia and Dubai are also in Abu Dhabi engaged in talks to launch a joint digital currency, amongst other things.

As Reddit sleuth ‘cmbezln’ points out, Supercar Blondie’s previous Tweet tags a high-profile Saudi Arabian called Turki Alalshikh. He also just so happens to be the Court Advisor of the Saudi Royal Family.

There is no concrete proof yet of the watch’s owner, but the clues and the questions it raises are no less intriguing. Is the owner of this watch possibly a member of the royal family? And how are they connected to Mt. Gox?

A quick scan of the wallet’s QR code reveals its five-year lifespan. It also reveals a stash of just over 2,400 bitcoins worth approximately $17.7 million:

Mt. Gox wallet address info
This particular wallet has almost 2,500 bitcoin stashed away | Source: Blockchair

Limited Edition Bitcoin Watch Owners Respond

A number of bitcoin fanatics have already responded to the post with pics of their own limited edition watches. That includes Dutchman Didi Taihuttu, who in 2017 famously sold everything he owned to buy as much of the flagship cryptocurrency as he could.

Although as one cheeky user responds, it’s unlikely his version holds the same dramas within:

You also have Mt.Gox wallet address in QR code? 😉

Franck Muller has dubbed this limited edition bitcoin watch the Vanguard Encrypto. According to the company it is “the world’s first functional Bitcoin watch.”

Limited edition bitcoin watch
The Encrypto comes with a sealed USB stick to store your private keys | Source: Franck Muller

The Encrypto has a laser-etched QR code that allows you to deposit funds and check the balance all conveniently from your wrist.

If you happen to know the watch owner from Supercar Blondie’s Tweet, please do let us know. The search for answers only reveals more questions.

This article was edited by Gerelyn Terzo.