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John McAfee’s POTUS Audition Peaks with Bitcoin Penis Lies

  • Political hopeful John McAfee poo-poos penis party promise.
  • Says his ruse onboarded more users to the cryptocurrency space.
  • Claims to have sired over 100 children.

John McAfee reneged on his promise to eat his own genitalia if Bitcoin didn’t top $1 million by the end of 2020. In doing so, did the renegade, sea-bound (self-proclaimed) political candidate just give us a first taste of a McAfee presidency?

In 2017, candidate McAfee promised constituents he would devour his own penis if Bitcoin didn’t end 2020 priced at $500,000. Later in the year, presumably after conferring with his aides, McAfee doubled-down on his prediction.

McAfee initially predicted a year-end price of $1 million by 2020 | Source: @OfficialMcAfee, Twitter

But with elections nearing, those campaign promises have become an albatross around the neck of the ‘Freedom Boat’s’ captain.

McAfee’s Penis Promise a Mere Ruse

While Bitcoin and the larger cryptocurrency market have begun to climb upwards once more, 12 months apparently isn’t long enough to for Bitcoin to make up $992,500.

On Jan 5th, candidate McAfee boldly admitted his penis-promise had been a mere ruse to get more voters on board.

A mere ruse!? As a ploy to get more people interested in Bitcoin, it may have worked | Source: @OfficialMcAfee, Twiter

McAfee’s thoughts on Bitcoin’s dominancy (or lack thereof) also seem to have changed in the intervening years. His suggestion that the incumbent Bitcoin could one day be bettered by an elective of the altcoin market is one shared by many.

However, McAfee’s reasoning could just as easily have been swayed by the untold millions he’s received from altcoin lobbyists in recent years.

The Hero Bitcoin and America Needs?

Like most politicians, John McAfee showed disdain for his own constituents in the fallout from the scandal. Addressing a Twitter proletariat who dared suggest that “word is bond”, McAfee shot back with the following:

Was it stupid to expect a presidential hopeful to keep their promise? Or does McAfee lack the stones to eat his stick? | Source: @OfficialMcAfee, Twitter

However, the honesty displayed by McAfee regarding his sexual infidelities remains highly refreshing. McAfee noted that he has sired over 100 children in his time. All the more remarkable for the fact that none have popped up to derail the McAfee campaign thus far.

John McAfee claims over 100 progeny have sprung forth from his loins | Source: @OfficialMcAfee

Ultimately, McAfee’s claim that his penis-promise was successful in drawing new users to the crypto space might be true. Few cryptocurrency personalities have hogged more news headlines than the good captain in recent years.

If the US presidency were a popularity contest, John McAfee might just stand a chance of winning. Oh, wait…

This article was edited by Samburaj Das.