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Joe Biden’s COVID-19 Plan Is Shamelessly Exploiting Coronavirus

Joe Biden’s COVID-19 Plan Is Shamelessly Exploiting Coronavirus
  • Joe Biden spoke Thursday to lay out his plan for coronavirus.
  • But he’s not the president.
  • And even if he became president, it wouldn’t be until next year. So releasing a plan today is just ridiculous.

Joe Biden gave an address Thursday to announce his plan for dealing with coronavirus. There’s just one problem: He does not currently hold any elected office.

So to announce a plan for an emergency happening right now makes no sense. The entire coronavirus pandemic may have blown over by the time he even would take office. And that’s assuming he beats Trump in November.

Joe Biden Coronavirus Plan Has No Credibility

It would be one thing to criticize Donald Trump’s response to COVID-19. But Joe Biden is sticking his neck into a spotlight where it doesn’t belong.

Biden acknowledges in his coronavirus speech that:

We need to accelerate the development and treatment of a vaccine. Science takes time. And it will still be many months before we have a vaccine that can be proven safe for public use, produced in sufficient quantities to make a difference.

Accelerate the “treatment of a vaccine?” I wonder if it actually said that on the teleprompter. Ad-lib doesn’t work out too well when Joe Biden does it.

At least the phrase “treatment of a vaccine” is merely nonsensical, and not Joe Biden getting in a Detroit auto worker’s face and telling him:

You’re full of s***!

That was Tuesday. And on Thursday, Biden expects us to take him seriously as a calm, collected, guardian of medical science. If you’re buying it, I’ve got some timeshare property I’d like to sell you.

Most importantly, Joe Biden admits it would take months to develop a vaccine. So if he’s elected, he plans to start a process – in January or February of next year – that will then take months to produce a vaccine.

By then, it might already be over. New coronavirus infections have markedly declined in China, the epicenter of the viral pandemic. And new cases have slowed in South Korea as well.

It would be one thing for Joe Biden to criticize Donald Trump and the White House response. Or to say what he would be doing right now if he were president. But to release it as a serious plan is patently unserious and fake.

Thousands Died from H1N1 on Biden’s Watch

It might be fair game to point out that while Joe Biden was vice president, 12,000 people residing in the U.S. died from H1N1 infection. | Source: REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

In addition, Biden used his speech to smear the president with COVID-19, as if it’s Donald Trump’s fault the microbial world threw the novel coronavirus at humanity.

Biden echoed the misleading claim that there is anything unusual about how Trump and Republicans (and mainstream media) have referred to coronavirus:

But neither should we panic or fall back on xenophobia. Labeling COVID-19 a ‘foreign virus’ does not displace accountability for the misjudgments that have been taken thus far by the Trump administration.

It’s racist to call it Wuhan virus, Biden suggests. Let’s call it “Trump virus” like they did in the New York Times. That’s just blatantly exploiting a health emergency that has claimed thousands of lives to squeeze another two minutes’ hate of Donald Trump out of it.

But since Joe Biden has made his own record on viral pandemics part of the conversation:

We should also immediately restore the White House national security council directorate for global health security and biodefense, with a full time dedicated coordinator to oversee that response. Our administration– our last administration– we created that office, to respond to future threats after the ebola crisis of 2014.

It might be fair game to point out that while Joe Biden was vice president, 12,000 people residing in the U.S. died from H1N1 infection.

Back then Republicans were throwing Tea Party protests to oppose government spending and taxes. They weren’t nearly so nasty as to call it the “Obama virus” or “Biden virus.” Or politicize a disease like Democrats are now.

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